Shopping your dream house together in one minute: could you do it? Well-known Hague interior stylist and presenter Theo-Bert Pot took on the challenge in a store that you definitely want to get to know (and you can win something beautiful!).

We would like to introduce you to furniture store LUMZ. This store makes living trends accessible to everyone. The contemporary collection consists of a mix of well-known brands and products that they design themselves. Absolutely worth it to visit the store in Houten or take a look in the webshop.

Steal the showroom

The real interior experts are happy to show you how then make a nice whole of your just scored items. In the video series ‘Steel de Showroom’, candidates are given one minute each episode to select the most beautiful living items from the store and to turn an empty studio into their dream home. Also Theo- Bert was allowed to get to work, with the style ‘Coloring outside the lines’. You really want to see this hilarious video, because Theo-Bert is going through the store like a whirlwind! Yet it turns out to be a beautiful whole and he shares a super nice tip on how you can also use your sofa. At the end a very nice giveaway is shared:

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