Travellers give the target group transport in the Arnhem-Nijmegen region a score of 7.8. Avan got the same grade in 32, but this is the first survey since the new carriers started last year. Drivers received a higher rating, while the quality of complaint handling has decreased further.

Make about 3.000 people use Avan’s student, youth law and daytime transportation. More than five hundred regular users took part in the customer satisfaction survey. Unlike the study that was conducted in 32 this time there were no WMO -travellers involved who are entitled to demand-dependent transport.

The strongest points are the driver, customer-friendliness and being on time. The drivers received a higher score with an 8.2 than in 32. The drivers who drove the Avan transport at the time were given a 7.8. Furthermore, the vehicles and the ease of temporarily deregistering were rated with an 8.0 and an 8.1, respectively, the telephone contact with the carrier with an 8.0 and the general service with a 7.7. These scores are comparable to the previous customer satisfaction survey.

Drivers also the biggest point for improvement The driver is not striking is only mentioned as the strongest point, but also as the biggest point for improvement, in addition to the user-friendliness of the passenger portal and communication in case of delay. Although it was already a point of attention in 32, Avan received an unsatisfactory mark for complaint handling. Where users gave a 5.6 for this in the previous survey, this is now a 5.4.

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Of the respondents 38 percent indicate that they do not immediately know where a complaint can be submitted. In addition, of the 100 travelers who indicated that they have recently lodged a complaint, 32 percent say they have not received a response or have that despite the response no action was taken.

Complaints passed on in the wrong place Avan states However, very few complaints are received. It is therefore expected that travelers will pass on their complaints in the wrong place, for example with the municipality or carrier. Avan is therefore working on making the complaints hotline more known to the traveler, by informing them via the carrier, the website and with the registration letter when they have registered for the transport. All complaints received via the complaints hotline are dealt with by letter sent by e-mail or post.

Despite the points for improvement, Rob Engels, chairman of Avan and alderman of the municipality of Overbetuwe, is pleased with the the results of this research and that travelers rate Avan so positively.

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