With a mix of old and new measures, the outgoing cabinet wants to reduce the rising number of corona infections. Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge announced this during the press conference on Tuesday. Despite the fact that no new measures have been announced for taxi and coach transport, the changes will have consequences for the two sectors.

The basic measures such as staying home with complaints and not shaking hands will apply again. The urgent advice to keep a distance of one and a half meters applies and the domestic travel advice is again in force. This means avoiding crowds en route and traveling outside rush hours. No further maximization has been announced in taxi and coach vehicles.

Wearing a face mask in taxis and coaches was On the other hand, this is already mandatory for adults, but will also apply again from 6 November in all publicly accessible indoor areas and in contact professions. In places where visitors have to show a corona admission ticket, it is not necessary to wear a mouth cap.

The corona certificate, on the other hand, is being introduced in more sectors. For example, visitors to gyms, terraces and museums can only enter if they show a valid QR code. The same applies to people who participate in or are public at amateur sports competitions and later also for amusement parks and zoos.

Ask for transport bearing Although nothing will change for the healthcare transport, taxi and coach companies themselves in the short term, the measures probably mean that the demand for transport will decrease again. This will mainly be the case in the consumer taxi market and in coach transport and to a lesser extent in healthcare transport. “That is not a nice development, now that the companies have just seen the volumes rise again,” says Hilbert Michel of KNV. “How it will turn out exactly is of course the question, but we are looking at it with some concerns.”

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