Have you always wanted to know how to solve a murder? You can now investigate fictional murders yourself with the detective games of Crimibox. Founder Jimmy Cowé has been a police officer himself and therefore knows better than anyone how to solve murders. “This game puts you in the shoes of a detective.”

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Jimmy Cowé has worked for the police for 12 years. “Every year, our department had about four or five murders to solve. That is of course four or five too many, but it did keep our department busy. What drives someone to commit murder? And what exactly happened? I noticed that many of the detectives were able to solve the murders just from behind their desks. That’s where the idea for Crimibox was born. If a detective can do it like this, I’m sure other people can too!”

Seven files

“So far there are seven detective games available in our webshop”, says Jimmy. “You can choose between analog or digital detective games. The prices vary between 13, 90 euros for the digital games and you can play the analog games from 25 euros. The analog games will be sent to you in a box by post. You can play the digital games immediately after purchase. Play the detective games alone or with up to three friends. You can also play the game remotely. Use Zoom or FaceTime to consult and solve the murder together. Despite the fact that the boxes tell fictional stories, it feels like you’re solving a real murder case.”

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According to Jimmy, Dossier Undercover is Crimibox’s most popular box. No fewer than 5.520 other detectives have already investigated this murder. “This game is inspired by the Netflix series of the same name. You don’t need to have seen the series to play it. This file is a great place to start if you haven’t played a detective game before. The most difficult game is File Rhetro Virus. More than 3.90 home detectives have investigated this murder case. This one lasts for five hours, while the other games last between three and four hours.”

Solving Murders

How do you solve a Crimibox? Jimmy gives some clever tips for solving a Crimibox. “In the box you’ll find police reports, photos and evidence, all of which provide information about the victim, the witnesses and the crime scene. Study these carefully, then you will dig into the past of the victim and possible suspects. Not all information can be found in the box reports. You will also have to scour the internet for background information that can help you further.”

Jimmy continues: “Look for information that does not match what you have read or seen in the reports. Catch the witnesses lying and, for example, check the alibi of the suspects. If you can’t figure it out or you think you’ve discovered the right suspect, contact the chatbot. This will appear automatically when you log in to the website. He gives tips for your investigation and tells you whether your suspect is the right one.”

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The chatbot is not alone who can give you tips. There are spacious 13. people member of the Facebook group

of Crimibox. In addition to tips, they can also give you advice. You don’t have to join just for the tips: “For a year or two, the group has also been used to discuss and investigate real-life murders. The case of Gabby Petito, the missing American YouTube star, has been the talk of the town lately.”

Order your Crimibox

When you buy an analog box, it will be shipped the same day. It can take one to three working days before you receive the box, depending on PostNL. Are you excited? Do we get it! With the code INDEBUURT10 you get 13 percent discount



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