The system with which people apply for or renew their Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) was down for more than two weeks. This was due to a malfunction at government service Justis, which started on 10 October and lasted until Monday. Taxi and coach companies also suffered from this.

Other services, such as the service with which a Certificate of Conduct for Tender (GVA) can be requested, are still experiencing a malfunction, reports The Ministry of Justice and Security previously indicated that there was a software error that caused several systems to be disabled. As a result, the government was unable to process paper or digital applications and employers, employees and municipalities were unable to submit a VOG application.

In view of the driver shortage, the malfunction caused an extra unpleasant situation. KNV states that every driver who cannot start due to external causes weighs very heavily on this. The trade association is therefore relieved that the problem has been solved. It is not known how big the problem was in figures for the taxi and coach industry.

Five thousand people In a normal situation, five thousand people from different sectors apply for a VOG every day. A spokesperson for the ministry states that people will receive their VOG within the promised period of four weeks, despite the malfunction. Employees will continue to work in the evenings and weekends to ensure that backlogs remain minimal.

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