“Four years ago I had just given birth to my youngest son, when the sale of our house did not go through. We had to look for another house in a hurry. That is how we ended up in this rented house,” says Monique. “There are things I would do differently if it wasn’t a rental house.”

Monique and Michel with Phil (10), Seb () and Lex (4). Jubei (10) is not in the photo. Photo: Indebuurt

Monique works under the name The Interiorist as an interior designer for houses, retail, catering and even movie theaters. “I think it’s important to surround myself with things I like. That is the starting point for my designs; an interior should provide energy, but also peace. But that is difficult here in the house with four sons and a man, so that you constantly find things differently than you left them behind.”