Unlimited gingerbread cookies: that sounds like a dream for many residents. Soon this could become a reality, because Peppernuts in The Hague is giving away one minute of free shopping!

Step into Peppernuts and you’ll immediately feel hungry . The store is full of countless types of kruidnoten and products made from kruidnoten . Think of kruidnoten, kruidnoten fudge, kruidnoten liqueur and even a kruidnoten sausage. You name it: they have it.

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The most popular flavors

The kruidnoten themselves are not bad either. Of course you buy the standard natural and chocolate peppernuts here, but the special flavors are the most popular. Owner Miguel Groeneveld explains: “Stroopwafel, caramel sea salt, truffle and apple pie are the most sold. The chocolate mix is ​​on every corner of the street, people come to our store for the special flavors.”

Spicy pepernoot

The flavors are certainly special. Miguel: “Every year we come up with new variants. To do this, we look at trends, but we also get a lot of ideas from customers. We write them down and discuss them together. This year’s new flavors include ginger matcha, cookie dough, dulche de leche, mango passion fruit and amaretto.”

“We also launched the special flavor dark raspberry chili. We were often asked by customers if we could develop a spicy kruidnoot. We hadn’t thought of that ourselves, but in combination with dark chocolate and raspberry it is delicious.” Not only Miguel thinks so, also the

review platform Livingproef (21, 8k followers on Instagram). They call the dark raspberry chili spice nut ‘a unique experience that you have to experience’. Are you curious how this – or any of the other kruidnoten – tastes? Then visit the store, because at Peppernuts you can taste everything!

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Photo: Peppernuts
  • New line

    Peppernuts not only invents new flavors, but also other products with ginger nuts. “We have launched the new Peppernuts & Friends line. These are bags of kruidnoten with popcorn, pretzels or Maltese. Believe me: you will keep eating from this.”

    This is your chance

    You have now undoubtedly in the mood for gingerbread. How do you get a chance to shop that minute for free? It’s very simple. Leave your details in the form below and you can compete for the prize. You will then automatically receive the newsletter from indebuurt in your inbox; how nice is that! Already subscribed? Even then you can participate. You will of course not receive duplicate newsletters.

    You can participate up to and including November 26. The winner will receive between 26 and 21 November message from Peppernuts. In that week you will also be invited for one minute of free shopping, so keep some space in your agenda.

    Good to know if you win

  • You can take one item per flavor.
  • Peppernuts Holland has 21 products, so you’ve got plenty.
  • Gift cards are excluded from the action.
  • The articles you want to take, put yourself on the counter.
  • There are many glass jars and bottles in the shop. Shop with policy, because you have to pay for damage yourself.
  • Enneh, are you hungry already? You can shop straight away in the Peppernuts store on the Spuistraat or you can buy the kruidnoten via the webshop.


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