A coach with 51 occupants drove into traffic on the A2 near Born last Friday night. The driver of the vehicle stated during his police interrogation that he followed the navigation system, but that he soon realized his life-threatening mistake.

The incident took place around half past two in the morning. An oncoming truck driver who was able to swerve just in time for the coach made the man realize definitively that he was wrong, writes De Telegraaf. Even though the driver only length of the exit – which he mistook for a ramp – and drove a short distance on the A2, he and his passengers narrowly escaped an accident.

Another driver present The coach eventually came to a stop in the left lane of the wrong side of the road. Police patrol cars took place in front of the coach with flashing blue lights to alert oncoming motorists of the danger. After the bus had turned around, the journey could be resumed fairly quickly. It turned out that there was still a driver present.

The driver who had committed the error was taken for questioning but was soon released. He is not expected to receive a prison sentence, but the public prosecutor still has to make a decision about a fine for causing danger on the public road. It is not clear where the coach came from.

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