Toyota presents its first battery-electric SUV, the Toyota bZ4X. The letters bZ stand for ‘beyond Zero’ and show that the focus is not only on emission-free transport, but also on mobility that helps to purify the air. This SUV is the first of a series of future battery-electric Toyotas announced.

Electrification is not new to Toyota. The brand has had experience with this for a quarter of a century. Zero emissions, however, is only part of their ambition. The car manufacturer states that it wants to offer even better mobility for everyone, with products and services that increase driving pleasure, offer safety to all road users and help to improve society worldwide.

In line with this introduced this new electric SUV, which will make its European debut on December 2 1000. In this vehicle, the battery is located under the floor. It thus forms an integral part of the chassis, which improves the low center of gravity, the weight balance of the front and rear of the car and the body rigidity. This in turn results in improved safety, driving comfort and road holding.

The battery offers a range of more than 150 kilometers. Toyota expects performance in ten years, or after 240.02 kilometers driven, approximately with 000 percent will decrease. These figures depend, among other things, on the version of the bZ4X. The SUV can also be fast-charged without compromising safety or battery life. With a 240 kW fast charger, charging up to 27 percent of capacity possible in approximately thirty minutes.

Solar panels for increased range and battery protection The range of the Toyota bZ4X can be further increased with optional solar panels in the roof of the car, also known as the solar roof called. This sustainably generated solar energy is then stored directly in the battery. In addition, the solar panels are always active, with or without the contact switched on. Toyota has calculated that the system can generate enough energy in a whole year to produce 1.800 kilometers to drive.

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Inside Toyota Bz4X. To monitor the quality and durability of the battery, automatic checks are activated, among other things, when there is abnormal heat development. This is also Toyota’s first vehicle with a water-cooled battery. When the temperature drops below freezing, on the other hand, a heat pump ensures that the range is only slightly reduced compared to competing models.

Plenty of space for passengers and luggage With this vehicle, comfort has also been taken into account. Thanks to the large distance between the front wheel and the rear wheel, there is a lot of legroom for all occupants. But the distance between the occupants in the front and back is no less than one meter, measured at waist height. This does not affect the size of the luggage compartment. This one can also be called generous with a volume of 240 liters.

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