Large employers in The Hague are calling for ‘spread and avoid’ to avoid crowds during rush hour. Now that more and more people have been vaccinated against corona and more is allowed, people are traveling more often by car, bus, tram or train. Employers encourage hybrid working. That means partly at the office, but also at home.

Since corona, many people have started traveling in a different way. It was less crowded on the road and in public transport. There were hardly any peaks. The organizations want to work together to ensure that the crowds do not return. At the moment, 7 large companies in The Hague, the national government, the province of South Holland and the municipality of The Hague are already participating. As employers, they encourage their employees to travel to the office outside peak hours and to work more hybridly. They are supported in this by Ookbaar Haaglanden and Rijnland and they exchange examples among themselves. They invite other companies to participate in order to maximize the effect.

‘The corona crisis has shown that it is possible: working from home more and traveling at other times of the day. The Hague was therefore much more accessible’, says alderman Robert van Asten (Mobility) of the municipality of The Hague. ‘There were hardly any traffic jams on the Utrechtsebaan in the morning and afternoon. This is good for the economy and also contributes to better air quality. I’d like to keep that. I therefore cordially invite employers in The Hague and the region to participate in ‘Spread and avoid’. As a municipality, we also participate ourselves. Hybrid working, for example, requires how we furnish office spaces and accelerate digitization. I would like to share our experiences with other employers and I also want to learn from the experiences of others’.


Organizations that want to participate in ‘spread and avoid’ can contact reachable Haaglanden and Rijnland. Experts from this organization can advise on measures that are appropriate for a specific organization or situation.

Spread and avoid

These organizations endorse the importance of hybrid works to spread and avoid and participate:



NN Group




T -Mobile


Province of South Holland

Municipality of The Hague

Available Haaglanden and Rijnland

The Green Business Club Beatrixkwartier is committed to enthuse the affiliated organizations to participate in ‘spread and avoid’.


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