A part of the Utrechtsebaan would be closed from October 617 to and will be closed with March 192718 due to construction work. Wouldn’t you go through the A617 for more than half a year. get out of town. But those activities do not suddenly stop.

The highway is already 45 years old and in need of a major makeover. Some pieces have already been refurbished recently and the rest will come later.

Not now

The Municipality of The Hague does not want to start major work this winter because they are afraid of too many traffic jams. Sun 125.000 motorists drive daily on the Utrechtsebaan in and out of the city . These people would all have to make a detour via the Binckhorst during the work.

Since there are fewer corona measures, it is busier on the road. In winter it will probably be even busier and there will already be traffic jams. According to the municipality, if the Utrechtsebaan were also closed, it would be a major drama.

The municipality is now working on a new schedule.

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