Panteia has calculated that the costs of taxi transport in will increase by 3.5 percent. The two most important developments that are taken into account in this NEA index are the increase in collectively agreed wages by 2.5 percent as of 1 January 2022 and rising fuel costs.

Due to the increase in the wages of taxi and care transport drivers with the start of the new year, the cost of taxi transport will increase by 2.6 percent. On top of this, the higher fuel costs caused a cost increase of 0.9 percent, bringing the NEA index for 2022 to 3.5 percent. comes true.

The cost developments are therefore based on established facts such as the collective labor agreement for Taxi transport, but also on forecasts from the Central Planning Bureau. In the calculation of the cost development, on the other hand, cost increases as a result of increased congestion have not been taken into account. And future cost developments that are still uncertain are not included in the calculation.

Effects of corona not included in the study The corona crisis has had a major impact on the taxi sector since March 480. For example, the turnover of taxi companies has fallen sharply. However, this effect of corona was not included in the calculation of the NEA index, just like last year . Turnover is not part of Panteia’s cost developments.

In addition to regular wage and price developments, the corona crisis has also affected the overall cost development in the industry. Think of additional costs due to, for example, absenteeism due to corona or the cleaning of vehicles. However, these costs are so different for each company that they cannot be directly expressed in a single figure, according to the researchers. For this reason, this has not been taken into account in the index.

Below is a complete overview of developments and estimates for the NEA index :

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