Six self-employed taxi drivers have demanded by means of a summons that FNV and Uber will not comply with the recent court ruling on their legal status. They disagree that they are considered employees.

Uber is still on appeal against the judge’s ruling. They state that the vast majority of the drivers want to remain independent. The summation shows that there are drivers for whom this applies. This is a reminder to comply with a requirement. Self-employed drivers state that they want to be in control of whether and when they take on taxi work. They also say that they want to remain in control of how they organize their working lives. According to them, the judge’s ruling jeopardizes this.

“I don’t want to become a wage slave”, says Ronald Prins of Prince Mobility from Vlijmen. He has been driving through Uber for a few years now and has built up his own clientele. “When people ask for it, they get my business card. Because of this, I even get calls from people who have heard from someone else that they had a pleasant ride with me. I want to decide for myself whether I do this and other rides and this is now threatened by the verdict.”

The chance to speak out Prince is therefore not interested in becoming an employee. “Not for Uber, and not for any other company either. I would have to disappoint my own clients if they want to ride at a time that I am already scheduled.” Hans, another Uber driver, also states that the pronunciation is very bad for him. “Honestly, I’m really angry that this was decided just like that without us as drivers being able to give our opinion.”

For the time being, these drivers have not yet experienced the consequences of the ruling, because Uber has not yet complied with the judge’s demands. FNV has argued before that politicians should enforce this. Prins hopes that they can prevent this and that they will have the opportunity to speak out in the appeal. Due to the corona measures, there was only limited opportunity to attend the first session.

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