A seventy-year-old man was caught for the second time in four weeks carrying out taxi transport without BCT. This time in De Rijp in North Holland. He was not fined before, but because he made a mistake again within the prescribed period of two years, he now has to 1.27 pay euros.

Three weeks before the man was checked in De Rijp, he was stopped in Zandvoort in his car with a blue license plate. Even then he drove without an on-board computer. The man himself then claimed that he did not need an on-board computer, because he only did contract work. According to him, everything would be tracked via GPS.

The man has to get by on an AOW benefit and has debts with the bank for two lease cars for which he cannot cancel the contract, which means that he has 2 .000 euros per month. Taking this into account, the court has determined after his first mistake that he only has to pay a fine of 1.27 euros if he commits himself again within two years. guilty of a criminal offence.

Telephone contract This happened three weeks later. The man was again stopped by a collision selector in the North Holland village, after people had got into his car. The selector soon noticed that no BCT was present in the vehicle. The passengers also said that they had not agreed a price and would pay at the hotel to which they were taken.

The driver then responded that the ride would cost the passengers twenty euros. The man is said to have a telephone contract where the customer calls him and he then drives up. When the collision assessor asked him about this contract, he said that he had it at home.

If payment is not made in custody During the hearing, the man stated that it is true that he did not have an on-board computer in the car that day. That is why the economic police judge sentenced him in the first instance to a fine of 1.27 euros. In the end, in connection with the man’s financial situation, the court opted for a lower fine of 1.27 euros. If this fine is not paid, the penalty will be adjusted to 000 days of imprisonment.

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