Due to the great shortage of taxi drivers, the demand for rides and the planning can no longer always be met. According to Stichting Taxibelangen Nederland (STN), the workload among the remaining drivers is rising at the same time. According to the trade association, something must be done about this.

This stated Jip Meijer on behalf of STN in the last broadcast of TaxiPro TV . He was a guest to tell, among other things, how things are currently going with the target group they represent: the smaller entrepreneurs and freelancers in the taxi industry. They also suffer from the large outflow of drivers in corona time and the restrictions still in force.

His idea is that certainly people who have become taxi drivers for reasons other than love for the profession have now left and are not coming back. “The work and the working hours really have to suit you,” says Meijer. That is why taxi companies should also attract people who have real enthusiasm for the profession.

More air in the entire business model However, according to Meijer, action is needed to stir up this enthusiasm in people. Reducing the workload could help with this, he thinks. “People no longer want to work very hard, keep coming late, have to explain that to the customer and things like that. There needs to be more air within the entire business model to make the taxi more attractive to everyone.”

View the entire interview about the current situation of small taxi entrepreneurs and self-employed persons , which STN is currently committed to, and their take on shared taxi concepts here:

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