Taxi and coach drivers often find themselves in chaotic situations when they pick up the nightlife crowd at a major event. It often works just fine, but it can also go wrong. For example, last Sunday a nineteen-year-old boy ended up under a coach after a tent party in Twente.

Such incidents are almost unavoidable, carriers say to the regional news medium Tubantia. The driver who hit the boy says that the situation after the tent party in Rossum was comparable to a swarm of bees that comes for nectar. About seven thousand visitors attended the event. According to him, most people had no idea which bus they had come with.

The boy was taken to hospital by ambulance after the collision, where he was treated for his injuries. It is unknown how he is doing now. In any case, the owner of the company where the driver works is convinced that the driver cannot be blamed, but is not making any further statements in connection with an ongoing investigation. The organizers of the party are still going to evaluate whether the situation on site was safe enough .

Ask for problems The chaos at tent parties and discotheques often arises because many partygoers want to go home at the same time and look for transport. People walk through each other, but also lean against vehicles or walk right in front of and behind a car. Another driver who was present in Rossum on Sunday states that when picking up the nightlife crowd, it is often asking for problems.

He makes no statements about this incident, but says that the nightlife crowd generally do not realize how dangerous their own behavior is. The organization of the party is also not always good. Some companies are forced to take measures such as waiting outside the party area, not taking people who have not booked and keeping the appointment strictly.

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