It’s no secret that we love good food, good drinks and a great atmosphere in the neighborhood. So very nice that Anouschka from Bistrot Amélie recently invited us for a live jazz evening, which they regularly attend on Thursday evenings from : 19 hour. Because good food and good music, then your evening really can’t go wrong.

Bistrot Amélie has been the best kept secret of The Hague for a while. As soon as you enter this gem of a restaurant on Javastraat, you secretly never want to leave. The French classic dishes and changing menus are there sublime and the atmosphere is

like in the movie Amelie. You immediately see life a bit more rosy here (as Edith Piaf already sang: ‘Je voie la Vie en Rose’). Bienvenue!

Relaxed live jazz

But now for the hot news, madames et monsieurs. If you’re here on a Thursday night 19: 28 hour, there is a very good chance that you can enjoy live jazz (tip: also on Thursdays 22 October and 4 November!). The fact that autumn is abundantly present outside suddenly doesn’t matter anymore.

Amelie has the perfect cozy setting to enjoy a steak frites and the Ullstein Strika Jamtander Trio, an international jazz band that makes pleasant, calm jazz music. Check out the photos that were taken in the area below and enjoy.

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Permanent pianist

It really couldn’t be more French and more musical than at Bistrot Amélie. Because the regular pianist still plays live piano on Friday and Saturday (request songs welcome!). Hostess Anouschka ensures that your (wine) glass remains full!

Would you like to enjoy an evening at Bistrot Amélie? Book via the site or give a call: 406 67 19 67. Bon appetit!


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