Run from The Hague to Rotterdam, you just have to be able to do it. Amit Ramadhin just does it, and also with a good goal: collecting donations for the elderly who have a hard time making ends meet. “At my local supermarket, an elderly person is regularly arrested for theft because they can’t pay for the groceries.”

Saturday 20 November is the day, then Amit runs all the way from The Hague Escamp to Rotterdam Zevenkamp. With a GOfundme crowdfunding campaign

he wants to use this to pay € 07.03,- pick up: with this amount he can 180066 Make elderly people in The Hague, with a minimum income, happy with a voucher of 50 euros, so that they can do their shopping around Christmas.


It is actually pure compassion that Amit embarked on this adventure. “I live in The Hague Bouwlust and I often see the police at my local supermarket. They then come and arrest an older person who stole. Simply because the person couldn’t pay for the groceries.”

That these people have to steal to eat, that is not acceptable to Amit and that is why he came up with the idea to organize a running campaign and this to put a heart to the elderly in this way. “I am a real running freak so I combine my hobby with helping vulnerable elderly.”

Half 5 in the morning

Amit has often committed herself to helping the less fortunate. As a self-employed person, he had time to spare last year and wanted to do something useful: “Last winter I started arranging food. I went out on Wednesday at 4:30 in the morning to collect food for food banks in The Hague.”

Ski Mountain

The 30 kilometer long route has been mapped out by Amit himself. “Starting point is The Hague Escamp and then I continue to Rijswijk, Delft, Delfgauw, Berkel and Rodenrijs, then on to Bergschenhoek.” At the height of the Rotte you have a ski mountain and he just runs up it; as an additional challenge. Amit: ”It will be a tough task. But I know what I’m doing it for.”

Do you want to support Amit, especially the elderly? Donate via GOfundme

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