In Moerwijk, on the side of a flat at the Willem Dreespark, a special work of art will be built: a mural by 15 Bee 15 meters! This makes it the largest painting in the Netherlands.

Art duo Kaspar van Leek and Niels van Swaemen have been busy the past few weeks been with the artwork. Unfortunately, due to the bad weather, the work is now halted. They will continue next year: “When the wind started blowing, we would swing from left to right.” said the gentlemen to our colleagues from the AD



It is not yet known exactly what the mural will depict, but we have been told that it is inspired by a song by the rock band Di-rect from The Hague. The duo previously made a mural of Spinvis in Nieuwegein and Typhoon in Zwolle.

Read more about the artwork at AD The Hague


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