Pouw Vervoer organized a large recruitment day in Vianen on Saturday 19 October. Potential drivers were given the opportunity to take a test drive in a bus or coach. TaxiPro took a look.

During an interview for TaxiPro TV, Els Kuijs van Pouw Vervoer explains that the ‘turn on the bus day’ is organized to enthuse people for the profession. “Due to corona, Pouw Vervoer also had a very difficult time,” she says. Now that more and more is allowed, there are now many events on the carrier’s schedule.

Educating people They desperately need drivers for this. Due to the large driver shortage in the entire passenger transport sector, but also in many other sectors, this is not easy for them either. “The bus drivers who have driving licenses are already under the roof, so we will have to start training people”, explains Kuijs.

Her hope is that this recruitment day will lead people to want to start the training program . With almost fifty registrations and a lot of enthusiasm among the participants, we can in any case speak of a successful day.

Watch the video impression here:

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