Published: 26 October 2021Modified: 26 October 2021

The municipality is temporarily removing the commemorative bench on the northern side of the harbour inlet (Noordelijk Havenhoofd) in Scheveningen. It is doing this to make space for the construction of a new traffic management system. Residents of old Scheveningen presented the commemorative bench to the municipality in 1931.

The traffic management system on the Adriaan Maasplein is old and too small. Tunnels and bridges are monitored and operated from the traffic management system. Because it is not possible to expand the traffic management system, a new building will replace it. This is why the commemorative bench standing in front of the old building will be removed temporarily.

Bench in front of new buildingConstruction on the new traffic management system on the northern side of the harbour inlet will start in 2022. The new building will be larger. The municipality will rebuild the commemorative bench in front of the new building in 2024.

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