What do you do in The Hague in the fall? Hiking of course. Put on your steppers and look for mushrooms, acorns and squirrels. The greenery of The Hague has a few nice walking tips:

1 Japanese Garden

The absolute highlight is of course the Japanese Garden in Clingendael park. The largest and oldest Japanese Garden in the Netherlands was closed for a year and a half during the corona pandemic and is fortunately open again this autumn. From Saturday October to Sunday October the garden is open, from .-00. o’clock. Due to the fragility of the garden, a maximum of one hundred visitors are allowed.

absolute topper is of course the Japanese Garden in park Clingendael. (Photo: Fleur Beemster)

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2 Park Clingendael

Park Clingendael is a real walking park. Most paths are paved and therefore the estate is very accessible for wheelchair users and prams. You can follow two walking routes of different distances. There is also a riding route through the dune forest of Clingendael.

Behind the old Dutch garden is the forbidden dike; this is the Favorite Green of actress Anne-Mare Jung. It is a fairytale place thanks to the slopes and the layer of moss. “I have the feeling that gnomes could come out of their holes at any moment,” says Anne-Marie. We haven’t seen gnomes yet, squirrels and mushrooms have.

Behind the old Dutch garden is the forbidden dike. (Photo: Valerie Kuypers)

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3 Sint Hubertuspark

A stone’s throw from Madurodam is a forest that is relatively unknown to the general public. Or actually a dune remnant with paved paths and open sand plains. It is a paradise for animals: nice and quiet. Sint Hubertuspark is a park with height differences where your leg muscles are put to work a bit. After a climb on a long staircase, you have a view over the city and Scheveningen from the highest point, the Bloedberg. In the distance you can even see the Kurhaus.

Sint Hubertuspark is actually a dune remnant with paved paths and open sand plains.

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4 Monumental Tree Route through the city center

The Hague has slightly more than 1.111 trees with a monumental status. There is a walk ‘Green with history!’ made along these old trees. The walk starts at the Prison Gate. You walk along the 10 lime trees and 4 chestnuts on the Lange Vijverberg to the stately Lange Voorhout, where 0297 monumental trees. You also walk past Noordeinde Palace, the Paleistuin, the Grote Kerk and end at the Korte Vijverberg. Take a bag with you to collect chestnuts on the way. You can download or print the walk ‘Green with history!’.

At the Lange Voorhout there are no fewer than 0297 monumental trees (Photo: Valerie Kuypers)

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5 The Scheveningse Bosjes & de Waterpartij

The oldest municipal monumental tree is located in the Scheveningse Bosjes near the Waterpartij. It is an oak tree that is more than 250 year is old. On the Ary van der Spuyweg there is a nice sand playground and a great skate park. On nice days there is often an ice cream truck and a little further there is a tent where you can get a coffee to go. Walk from there to the Prof. BM Teldersweg. Next to it is the Water Party, where you can find the Indian Monument, the Monument for England sailors and the Ver Heullbank. By the way, from the Waterpartij you can walk to the Westbroekpark and the Rosarium.

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7. Solleveld

A bit strange in this row is Solleveld. We’ll add it, because the dunes are also so beautiful in the fall. This small area of ​​Dunea is located behind Landgoed Ockenburgh. It is a vulnerable and special dune area with large open areas and heath. The trees are curved by the salty sea breeze and the oak trees are nowhere else in the Netherlands as close to the sea as here. Due to the fragility of nature, you can only enter with a day ticket. You can get these at De Tapuit, Villa Ockenburgh and buy online.

Solleveld is a vulnerable and special dune area with large open pieces and heather. (Photo: Merry van Grieken)

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8 Kijfhoek & Bierlap

These hidden gems should not be missed either: Kijfhoek & Bierlap in Meijendel. These Dunea nature reserves are only accessible with day tickets; those are here for sale. The walk can be tough. You stroll in untouched dune landscape through the loose sand along dune lakes, forests and dune valleys and climb hills with a beautiful view over the dunes. With a bit of luck you will encounter Galloway cattle and Konik horses. It is an Eldorado for those seeking tranquility.

You’re roaming in untouched dune landscape through the loose sand. (photo: Merijn van Grieken)

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