Whoop whoop, The Park Playground The Hague is about to open! You will experience the latest in virtual reality here from November 6, and to celebrate their arrival at the Binckhorstlaan you now receive percent welcome discount.

No laserquest and paintball: Virtual Reality at The Park is what you want to do this fall!

Do you want an unforgettable experience with three others? Have VR experience? In

The Park Playground on the Binckhorstlaan 305 sure to happen. Reserve your spot today and who knows, you might soon find yourself going mole hunting in New Zealand, hunting zombies in The Hallow or freeing hostages in The Day.

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In other cities such as Eindhoven and Breda The Park Playground is already a resounding success. To celebrate that they will also enrich The Hague with the coolest VR experiences from 6 November, you will receive it from the opening percent discount. You can visit The Park Playground from two persons up to six-eight persons (depending on the VR experience that is chosen) , but larger groups are also welcome.

Play arcade games first, then choose from one of four experiences of thirty minutes, where you roam freely in a virtual world: fight zombies with the coolest weapons in The Hallow, rescue the ladies of K3 from Egypt, unmask De Mol in beautiful New Zealand, or free hostages in De Dag.

Check out the brand movie of The Park below

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