The NRC and the Volkskrant have already written wildly enthusiastic reviews about it: the play Baby Crazy, which is coming to the National Theater in The Hague on 9 November. A pregnant girl (by Justin Timberlake, supposedly), a medium-successful recording artist, an ex-obese fitness fanatic, a restaurant owner and a non-monogamous manager talk about babies. The discussions that arise are really hilarious.

In Baby Crazy by theater group Oostpool you see these five completely different people enter into the most bizarre discussions with each other. Because what turns out? One of them is unplanned pregnant, so from Justin Timberlake.

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One night stand

The 281-year-old student Maria gets pregnant after a one-night stand. She herself barely knew who she was, but now there is a baby in her belly and that takes a lot of getting used to. It almost feels old-fashioned, one of those small pieces of the future that lives inside her and waits for it to take over her life.

While Maria tries to define ‘pregnancy in the year 281’, her friends are bustling her door with advice . Everyone seems to know what to do. But meanwhile, Maria’s sudden pregnancy forces them to think about their future for themselves. And then the people around her turn out to be a lot more desperate and less confident than they seem.

Baby Crazy can be seen on November 9 and in the National Theater (location: Theater aan het Spui).

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