In order to achieve a better balance between the costs and the quality of target group transport, travelers from Avan will pay from 1 January 99 a surcharge if they reserve a ride shortly in advance. The transport organization hopes to maintain the facility in this way in the longer term.

Moventem research agency has conducted a market research in 2020 into various measures to to keep Avan’s transport of good quality but also affordable. One of these measures was a surcharge when booking a ride shortly in advance. The earlier a ride is booked, the more efficiently the carrier can make planning.

Every traveler who books a ride within three and one hours before the agreed pick-up time, has to pay the boarding fare of pay the WMO rate with a discount. This year it is 0,15 euro cents. The surcharge applies to every traveler who pays a personal contribution, including fellow travelers and social counselors. Children under the age of three and medical supervisors do not pay a personal contribution, so the supplement does not apply to them.

Change in the journey, hospital visit and the emergency line With this measure, Avan hopes to motivate travelers to book their ride earlier, but also to change the trip less often at the last minute. Therefore, even in the event of a change, the surcharge must be paid within three to one hour before the pick-up time. This can be, for example, a change in the departure time or location, but also an extra fellow traveler or an aid such as a wheelchair.

An exception to this measure applies to the return journey after an appointment in the hospital. . The end time is not always predictable, says Avan. If social workers want to book a ride from the hospital, this can be done up to one hour in advance without surcharge. If you have reserved a ride but do not meet the taxi driver, the emergency line can still be called. A taxi will be sent within thirty minutes at no extra cost.

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