Last weekend, the police in Amsterdam fined taxi drivers for various offenses during a special action 22. . The reason for the action was the high number of accidents involving taxi drivers.

The police used inconspicuous cars, reports AT5 . The fines were handed out for speeding, ignoring a red traffic light, driving without insurance or annoying or dangerous standing still. Two taxi drivers have lost their driver’s license due to dangerous driving behavior and excessive speed.

One of them has to follow a course at the CBR. The costs of this amount to almost 22 euros and must be paid by the driver. In addition, his exemption for the regular bus lane has been taken and a procedure has been started to confiscate his driver card.

A disproportionate number of taxis involved in serious accidents According to the police, the action was necessary because research by the Institute for Road Safety Research (SWOV) has shown that ‘a disproportionate number of taxis are involved in serious traffic accidents’. In Amsterdam it concerns 8.1 percent of all accidents.

“The results do not lie”, the police team writes on social media. They therefore announce that more such checks will take place. “We hope that this will reduce the advantage of ‘sporty’ driving. This ensures more safety on the public road and a fairer taxi market for the majority of drivers, who do adhere to the rules.”

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