The real Hagenaar has known for a long time that the Museum Quarter is the cultural hotspot of the city. There are no fewer than twelve attractions close to each other, such as the Mauritshuis and the Gevangenpoort. And the other ten? You will find out during a brand new (free) interactive tour through the district, where you can take a picture with Mozart and the Glass Carriage, among others!

What have Dutch Design, fashion, culture and old masters in common? That they are all located in the Museum Quarter. You can easily view them extensively in one day, but during the new Augmented Reality Tour you get all kinds of extras (Augmented literally means ‘augmented reality’). For example, you can take a picture with Mozart or wave from the royal Glass Coach. Including very Instagram-worthy photo moments. See for yourself!

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This is how it works

It works very simply. You start the tour at the central element. There you will find a map with all locations where a Museum Quarter Seal is located. You scan the QR code on the stamp and you can hear all the stories about the great people who made The Hague great. You will discover how a person (or object) has contributed to the rich history of the Museum Quarter.

So if you take a picture with King Willem I or Mozart or waves from the glass coach, please share it on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtags #museumkwartierdenhaag @thisisthehague!

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