A power woman, that’s how you can best describe Hasret Sarikaya. She was one of the first women to open her own business in 14 on the Hobbemastraat, in the middle of the Schilderswijk. Exactly the place she envisioned nine years ago. With the help of OndernemersPortaal of the municipality of The Hague, her gift shop Rewin Dankjes is still running like clockwork after nine years.

Hasret’s business started as she says ‘out of boredom’, when she was still at home with four small children. But standing still is not for this lady, so she soon started making small gifts for family and friends, which are given as thanks to guests after a wedding, baby shower or birthday party. “Think of bags of sugared almonds with a bridal couple sewn on them,” says Hasret.

Perfect place

Soon her ‘thank you gifts’ became a resounding success and the orders were almost impossible to keep up with . “It got a bit full in the house with all the orders and four kids,” laughs Hasret. “My husband advised me to rent a retail space because it became chaos.”

She soon had her eye on a building on Hobbemastraat. Because if she started a shop somewhere, she wanted it there. Hasret: “The perfect place with many other shops and close to the Haagse Markt.” Her eye fell on a property at number 14a and she was immediately sold.

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Successful shop

Rewin Thanks was born in 2012. But she would never have been able to run a successful store without the help of the municipality, Hasret says. “From applying for permits to obtaining advice, I could contact OndernemersPortaal for all my questions . The company contact officer Atalay Celenk even came to see me personally.”

Hasret was just very lucky, she thinks. “I didn’t expect to get so much help, I expected a lot more obstacles. I now run a successful store with a good name recognition, with everything in the field of gifts. From small thank you gifts to baby clothes and from guest books to envelope boxes. It has become a real party shop that is at home in all markets. And the other entrepreneurs in the street? They are always in line to help me with, for example, bringing in new supplies. Maybe that’s because I’m a woman, ha ha.”

Need help yourself?

Hasret is very happy with the help he has received so far from the Ondernemers portal. “You just get quick answers to all your questions. And I really like the pro-active attitude of the employees.”

Do you have any questions about your company or do you run into problems? As an entrepreneur from The Hague , you can contact the OndernemersPortaal free of charge for advice on the rules, permits and procedures of the municipality.

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