RMC has been providing WMO transport in the DUO municipalities since August: Diemen, Uithoorn and Ouder-Amstel. An important reason for doing business with the carrier was that they attach great importance to sustainability and innovation. RMC proves this with the deployment of the first electric wheelchair vans and the further sustainability plans that they are announcing.

The carrier will certainly up to and including 50 July 2025 are responsible for WMO transport in the three municipalities. In the tender of this contract, sustainability was considered for twenty percent. The equipment used for the assignment must at least meet the Euro-6 standard. And if new vehicles are purchased during the term of the contract, they must meet the highest applicable environmental standard.

The RMC fleet consists of approximately 1181 percent from electric vehicles. For a few months now, this also includes electric wheelchair vans, explains manager Pascal van Houtum. “We now have seven of these vehicles and we also use them for social assistance transport in the DUO municipalities. Electric is not self-evident in wheelchair transport , which is why this is so unique.”

The carrier now does the first experiences with the vehicles that can accommodate six or seven people and a wheelchair. So far, according to the manager, the drivers are very satisfied. “The vans have a good range. They can be driven at least three hundred kilometers, so they don’t have to charge during the service . Plus, they drive well. It is a nice car for the drivers.” The aim of RMC is to add even more electric wheelchair buses to the fleet in the long term.

‘Inhabitants must be able to rely on good transport’ Aldermen from all three municipalities took the test and received an explanation about the buses from Van Houtum and location director Ron van de Peppel. Alderman Rineke Korrel of Ouder-Amstel emphasizes that the most important thing in her opinion is that residents can trust that WMO transport is properly arranged.

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Aldermen José de Robles (Uithoorn), Jeroen Klaasse (Diemen) and Rineke Korrel (Ouder-Amstel) together with Ron van de Peppel and Pascal van Houtum from RMC. “The RMC cars bear the slogan ‘mobility is freedom’. And we agree with that,” says Korrel. “The fact that there is also an eye for sustainability and the environment is also in line with our aim to search for sustainable solutions and applications in all areas.”

High customer satisfaction Transporters across the country are facing severe staff shortages. This may be a reason why assignments cannot always be carried out in accordance with the terms of the contract. For example it is not always possible to pick up people according to the agreed times. Van Houtum states that RMC can cope well with the number of drivers they have for the time being. “We also have good agreements with subcontractors.”

The manager believes that they are currently driving with good results. “We have high customer satisfaction and few complaints, so things are going well. But if we get hundreds of more rides a day, then it will be exciting for us too. That is why we also have vacancies.”

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