Published: 22 October 2021Modified: 25 October 2021

The Hague has new areas in the city where a ban is in effect on soft drugs, alcohol and street begging. The Municipal Executive designates these areas each year.

The measures are intended to combat nuisance. It is not permitted to consume alcohol, use soft drugs or beg on the street in areas with a ban. The areas can be found throughout the city.

New areas There are bans in effect in all 8 city districts. This includes a ban on soft drugs in the entire Centrum district. The ban on street begging and alcohol has also been extended for the Centrum district. The Segbroek city district now has 2 areas with a ban on both soft drugs and alcohol. A complete overview of all the areas where a ban is in effect can be found on the maps using the link at the bottom of this page.

Bans in the whole cityThe use of soft drugs is not permitted within a 50-metre radius around schools and schoolyards in the entire city. And begging is not permitted within 3 metres of the entrance or exit of a building. Begging is also not allowed within a 50-metre radius around schools, cemeteries and places of worship.

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