A former taxi driver has been sentenced to six months in prison for sexually abusing a 17-year-old boy with a mental disability. The man transported the boy to special education every day and they developed a special bond.

The victim has a low IQ and an attachment disorder. The suspect transported him every day from the care facility where he lives to special education. The bond they built with each other was so strong that both describe it as a father-son relationship. The boy’s real father had also died recently.

Once the boy was no longer transported by the man, he visited his home once every two weeks. The boy wanted this because he missed family life now that he lived in a care institution and because of the death of his father. His family guardian and the group leaders agreed to this after an introductory meeting with the former taxi driver.

Stuff in exchange The visits resulted in sexual abuse. The man managed to feel the victim on each visit and took pictures of his genitals. Sometimes he just did this and sometimes he imagined a situation where he could do this. For example, the suspect once said that they should get a tattoo together in the area of ​​the groin. He told the victim that he wanted to point out the place with a fineliner, but then felt him.

The boy received items from the suspect in exchange, such as a packet of tobacco, drink, money , credit and clothing. After five months, the boy visited the family less often and after he ran away from the institution once, he told his mother that he no longer wanted to see the man because he had abused him. Later, the boy made a report.

Entrusted to his care and vigilance Despite the fact that the former driver denied in court that he had sexually abused the boy, the public prosecutor saw enough evidence for this. For example, witness statements have been made, including by a girlfriend of his daughter. The daughter is said to have told her that her mother had seen sexual acts taking place between the victim and her father. Later, the daughter told this again in front of three others, including the mother of the girlfriend. They also all gave testimony.

Whatsapp conversations also show that the suspect clearly assumed a caring role towards the victim and addressed him with ‘treasure’. This is one of the reasons why it was established that the victim was entrusted to his care or vigilance. Photos of the boy’s genitals were also found on the suspect’s phone. The man confirmed that he had made these.

No professional ban The probation report showed that the man had a mental health problem. developed complaints after his arrest. He voluntarily sought help for this. He is currently under treatment and on medication. Partly for this reason, the officer has decided to conditionally impose half of the prison sentence, i.e. three months. However, special conditions apply, such as an obligation to report to the probation service and following treatment aimed at sex offenders.

The man, on the other hand, is not banned from working as a taxi driver or transporter of minors. This decision was made because he had not been a driver for the victim for a year when he sexually abused him. Another factor in this decision is that three and a half years have passed since he last worked as a driver. In the meantime, he hasn’t gone wrong anymore.

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