At a funeral you usually think of cake, coffee, beautiful speeches and commemorating the deceased in a serene atmosphere. And that can be very beautiful. But it can also be done differently, says Ray Klos (25) of RKU Uitvaartzorg . For example, in the Surinamese community it is very common to squabble with each other during a funeral and there are special rituals at a Chinese funeral. “It is very special to see.”

Everyone grieves in their own way. A funeral is an important part of this worldwide. “The most important thing about a funeral is that everyone feels good about it and can say goodbye in their own way,” says Ray, who has been around since his e works in funeral care. “At RKU Uitvaartzorg we take care of that: it is our mission to provide the most beautiful and most suitable cremation or funeral for everyone’s budget.”

Completely arranged funeral

For example, at RKU Uitvaartzorg you have a completely arranged cremation from € 281,- Ray: “Then everything will be arranged for you, from the basic care of the deceased to the whole ceremony and costs of the crematorium.”

And whether you want coffee and cake or traditional Surinamese snacks, just some photos or a PowerPoint presentation with lots of music: Ray ensures that everything runs smoothly. runs.

Wi Kan Doe

Ray has seen and experienced a lot in the quarter century that he has been working. He regularly organizes funerals for the Surinamese or Chinese community. “Every funeral is beautiful, but in those communities it is very different.”

For example, there is a three-hour ritual washing of the deceased by so-called ‘dinaris’ ‘ (dispatchers). “And the coffin is carried by so-called Wi Kan Doe: the porters. Wi Kan Doe carry the deceased and dance with it. The music is usually provided by the Trumpets choir (Creole choir). Very special”, says Ray.

Watch a YouTube video below of a traditional Surinamese Wu Kan Doe funeral (Read more below the video):

Fake money

A Chinese funeral is also quite different from a Dutch one. Ray: “The Chinese community is a real community with special rituals. For example, the Chinese wish the deceased wealth and prosperity in the other world. Therefore, during rituals preceding the funeral, large amounts of fake money, the so-called ‘spirit money’, are burned along with auspicious symbols such as paper lotus flowers.”

He continues: “Even paper models of everything one the deceased will be burned. This could be, for example, a car, a refrigerator, a TV or even a house. In China there are special shops where these models can be bought: sometimes they are true works of art.”

More personal

Which funeral you choose and which rituals you use: in this day and age a lot is possible in the field of funerals, Ray says. “In the past, an entire funeral or cremation took one hour. Now that is at least half a day. Funerals are much more personal than 25 years ago, and that’s only a good thing.”

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