WMO transport in the Frisian municipalities of Harlingen, Vlieland and Waadhoeke would be controlled as of 1 January 2022. come from multiple carriers. According to the Zeeland model, social assistance workers should be allowed to choose and which taxi company they call upon. Due to the corona crisis and the tender for student transport in 2022, this tender is now however suspended again.

The Social Affairs and Employment Department already had on 7 May 31 put collective social welfare transport on the market. However, due to the corona crisis, it was then decided in June to postpone the tender and to extend the existing agreement by one year until no later than 18 December 19. With this end date in sight, in February conducted a written market consultation with market parties to examine how the transport could be marketed in a responsible manner. This showed that it is difficult for carriers to set a realistic rate due to the corona crisis. This is because the use of transport is not yet at the level of before the crisis and it is unclear whether and when this will be the case again. Uncertainty about the volume and the possibility of combining Questions have also been asked and uncertainties have been expressed about the transport volume and the possibility of combining journeys if work has actually been carried out would be according to the Zeeland model. These responses have been discussed with the municipalities. They jointly found that a tender process for WMO transport cannot yet take place. When choosing to postpone the tendering process again, the fact that before 1 August 2022 a tender for student transport must take place before the municipalities of Harlingen and Waadhoeke played a role. A bridging agreement has now been concluded with the current carrier. This will run for a maximum of three months after the date of final award of the new tender. Research during bridging period During the bridging period, research will be conducted into the scenarios on the basis of which a realistic tender can take place, taking into account the corona crisis. It is also investigated what a realistic rate could be for the assignment and whether there is a possibility to combine the tenders for student transport and social assistance transport.

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