Taxiwerq has updated its job website. Visitors can now find the right vacancy faster via Taxivacatures. Moreover, the driver shortage is being addressed by looking more creatively at what a driver can do with his or her availability.

Large taxi companies generally have their own recruitment department, unlike smaller companies. For them, recruiting people is more of an afterthought, explains Rutger Smale of Taxiwerq. “With the recovering market, this can cause problems. We would therefore like to take the recruitment and training off their hands, so that they can focus on the daily practice of planning and organizing transport.”

On Taxiwerq posts the vacancies of the parties they work with, such as taxi companies and the UWV. “Currently, it concerns such 30 vacancies, a threefold increase compared to before the corona crisis.” The job site has been updated to make the recruitment process even better. “Job seekers can enter their place of residence and province on the new site, after which they end up on a page with vacancies in this region. It is clearly indicated here what kind of taxi transport is involved.”

Link drivers to complete planning As soon as job seekers click on a vacancy, they see the vacancy requirements and can apply directly. These requirements have been slightly adjusted. “We made this choice because in this period, when there is a major driver shortage, it is good not to reject people too quickly. They look more at what is possible instead of rejecting someone by default when that person is not available for the desired number of hours or days.”

Taxiwerq now ‘puzzles’ more with different drivers to ensure that affiliated taxi companies can more easily complete their planning. “If a driver wants to drive student transport three days a week and the other driver two days, we often make a ‘couple’ of this. So we try to look here with a creative eye.”

The proportion of dropouts or unsuitable candidates is smaller Smale states that customers are happy with drivers who offer a solution for a few days, no matter how much Taxiwerq wants to get a van to be manned by one person all week. “We have been approached a lot lately for specific vacancies. For this reason, a form has been created for employers on our website where they can fill in their wishes. We cannot promise mountains of gold, but we are certainly able to see together with our customers how we can take the pressure off them.”

Taxiwerq hopes that the renewed website will provide more suitable candidates respond to the vacancies. “Whereas previously vacancies could be found in several places and everyone just responded to them, there is now a central place where it is clearly stated what the position entails. This should prevent people from applying with wrong expectations and then dropping out later.” According to Smale, this means that the number of applicants is lower, but the proportion of dropouts or unsuitable candidates is also smaller.

1250 candidates only through UWV Last week Taxiwerq’s collaboration agreement with UWV was extended again for 36 months. “Many job seekers report to the UWV, but they cannot serve everyone. That’s why we work together. As soon as they have someone who is suitable for taxi work or has a specific interest in the industry, this person will join us.” From 1250 to 1250 there are that way 300 trained candidates, according to Smale. “The expectation is that people will be added here again every year 30 for the next three years.”

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