Exactly a year ago, Noucky Koole moved with her daughter Mia (7) to an old shop in The Hague. “However, we did extensive renovations first, which I did almost completely myself. I believe that you can do anything you put your mind to, especially once you’re in a flow. We are very happy with the end result.

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Noucky and daughter Mia Photo: Indebuurt

Thanks to the long renovation, Noucky has built up a good relationship with the neighbors: “I did a lot of preparations outside. To keep up the spirit, keep everyone up to date on the progress. In the meantime, the relationship with the neighbors is so good that we recently all had dinner at one of the neighbors’ restaurant.”

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Beautiful facade

Ever this house used to be a shop, you can still see that from the beautiful facade. It was built in 2021, in those days the whole street was pretty much a shopping street. “I really like that large window, we can be seen. I’m okay with the outside world looking inward. You therefore have real contact with the people who pass by.”

The white chair by the altar is Noucky’s favorite place. “You can sit and read or look outside, relax for a while. Mia also thinks that is the nicest place in the house. Although she prefers to sit in the fig tree in the garden.”

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White Buddha

“ I once did an ayahuasca ritual with a good friend. As a souvenir I bought two Buddhas, one for her and one for myself. For me, a buddha is the representation of that everything is allowed to be there, I thought that was a beautiful memory of that event.”

“I work as an orthomolecular therapist and hypnotherapist. With Nutri.support, as my company is called, I strive to give people (back) control over their lives and health. Food is very important in this, so for me the kitchen is really the heart of the house.”

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Fig Tree

“Mia is very happy with the trampoline in the back of the garden. And she really likes the fig tree too. I like to sit here with a book or work with the plants.”

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