The 10-year-old man who brutally stabbed a taxi driver at Eindhoven Airport in February was sentenced to eight years in prison. The court thus opted for a higher sentence than demanded by the public prosecutor.

The suspect took a taxi from Tilburg to the airport at the end of February. When he arrived at the departure hall, he suddenly attacked the driver. He stabbed eight times in the back of the head and in the neck of the taxi driver, who suffered serious injuries as a result. The driver managed to get out of the taxi quickly because he was not wearing his seat belt. The man was then quickly arrested because the military police was already close by.

According to the court, the suspect had the intention to kill the driver and there was premeditation. For example, half an hour before the taxi arrived, he searched his mobile phone for ‘stabbing in the neck with a knife’ and ‘knock on the neck’. When they arrived at the airport, he asked the driver for a specific walking route. An image of the camera in the dashboard shows that the suspect then took a knife from his sleeve, left it on his lap for about ten seconds and then stabbed the victim.

Defendant was calm and relaxed during the ride The actions are classified as attempted murder. The court argues that the act was planned and conscious. The images from the same camera also show that the suspect was calm and relaxed during the drive. This excludes the possibility that he acted on impulse. The statements that the suspect came up with himself were also rejected by the court.

When determining the penalty, account was taken of the fact that the driver survived the attack mainly thanks to his own quick reaction. However, the attack still has major consequences for him to this day. He has sustained long-term injuries to his hand and is traumatized. He no longer dares to practice his profession as a taxi driver.

Vulnerable position of taxi drivers The court states that the feelings of fear and insecurity for drivers are reinforced by this incident. They would be confronted again with their vulnerable position if they have a passenger with bad intentions. This is heavily charged to the suspect. Taking all this into account, the man was not given a prison sentence of seven years, as demanded by the public prosecutor , but eight years. He must also pay compensation of more than 30. pay euros to the victim.

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