Taxi companies have to deal with large crowds around midnight on weekends. As a result, rides are increasingly being rejected. The closure of the catering industry at 00.00 hours and limited capacity are considered causes of this problem.

Due to the mandatory closure of the catering industry at midnight, many people want to take a taxi around the same time, writes BN De Stem. Hilbert Michel of KNV explains that there is little spread because of this. Taxi operators speak of a ‘bizarre chaos’ with journeys. Because the demand for a taxi now often increases around the same time, they regularly have to disappoint people.

Faith Uluman of Taxi Uluman, active in the Den Bosch region, says that people are already using them these days. book a ride a few days in advance. This certainly applies to the weekend. According to the company, the planning is already full four or five days in advance.

Offered extra money to cancel another customer Customers are now even offering extra money to cancel another customer, according to Uluman. His idea is that abolishing the closing time is the only solution to this weekend crowds. Michel emphasizes, however, that the clear cut in the taxi market also plays a role in this problem. During peak hours there is less capacity, so that people have to wait longer for a taxi.

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