The Dutch may have a reputation for being direct to the point of rude, but Australian comedian Adam Hills had a very different experience at a comedy show he did here in the Netherlands. 

Adam Hills’ run-in with an extremely polite Dutch audienceAs an expat living in the Netherlands, there are probably a couple of stereotypes that come to mind when you think about the Dutch; they love to bike, they (for the most part) speak pretty good English, and they aren’t at all afraid of being open and honest in any social or professional situation. 

A Dutch person doesn’t like your new haircut or the new pair of glasses you’ve just bought? They’ll probably tell you, without even trying to sugarcoat their dislike. Adjusting to this directness can take some time, as it can easily come across as rude and abrasive. 

While the Dutch may have developed this reputation for directness, it’s funny to hear how others from around the world perceive Dutch culture and Dutch behaviour, and how this directness doesn’t necessarily mean Dutch people are outwardly rude. When doing a show in the Netherlands, comedian Adam Hills realised how far his Dutch audience would go just in the name of being polite. 

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