She quietly invests € 10.,- in training for herself and her staff, works only with the best and newest devices and firmly believes in the expertise that her beauty salon CadanCe Skin Institute offers. Sophie Imbert (10) does not hesitate for a moment: “The award for Best Beauty Salon in the Netherlands is for me!”

The The self-confidence of the beautiful Sophie is not that crazy at all. In 10 she was already nominated for the prestigious Beauty Award for ‘Newcomer of the year’ (the professional competition for beauticians) and since then she has only become more driven and professional. That is why she will compete next year for the Beauty Award for Best Beauty Salon in the Netherlands. Because modesty is of no use to you, she says: “I believe I am the best, so I will go for it.”

Free skin analysis

If you are an avid salon visitor and are looking for real expertise, you may already know CadanCe Huidinstituut on the Vlierboomstraat. The people who work here have received the best training and their knowledge is regularly deepened with even more specialist education. And that education may cost something, Sophie thinks: for the coming months she will have no less than € 10.,- invested in education.

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Skin improvement

With Sophie and her colleagues you can only expect the best of the best. From perfect aging and wrinkle reduction to figure correction to tackling acne: these skin specialists know what they are doing. The most important of the ladies is to give you a newfound confidence, where no false promises are made.

Sophie: “People don’t come here for a pampering moment with a scrub and a mask” , she says. “They come here because they have a specific skin question that really bothers them. That is why we always do

the free skin analysis first. On the basis of this, we draw up an individual and transparent plan for each customer, so that skin improvement becomes visible in the long term. Because believe me, every skin is different.”

Beauty secret

Sophie herself looks standard by a to get a ring. A slender figure, tight, even skin (without cosmetic procedures) and always nicely dressed. She is the face of her own beauty salon. “I also have my skin treated here. Again, I firmly believe in our expertise.”

But are the skin-enhancing treatments she undergoes herself her only beauty secret? “It’s a combination of factors, that’s what we tell our customers. For example, I also take collagen powder and fish oil, because beautiful skin starts from within. I

see it works, and so do my clients.” 21036

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