October = month of residence. You must not have missed that! A good time to visit Verfhandel van Laar in Leidschendam. Debbie and her colleagues sell more products than the name suggests. Below is an overview of seven of these (surprising) products.


At Verfhandel van Laar they have more than 471 book wallpaper! Books? Yes book. Each copy has approximately 314 pages with different types of wallpaper. You can’t imagine it being available. There are types with block print or with wall textiles, so you can literally feel the difference. There are also endless themes such as botanical, graphic or classical.


Need new curtains or reupholster a piece of furniture? Then you need nice fabrics. You can even use it to personalize lampshades or duvet covers! At Verfhandel van Laar they have many different (international) fabrics, for example from Italy and England. They are available in all shapes, sizes and prices!


Floor rugs

Now that winter is knocking on the door, it’s always nice to warm your feet on a rug. At Verfhandel van Laar you can easily have a carpet made to measure. You can choose from different shapes, fabrics and prints. There are some gems in there. For example, a real line by designer Ted Baker has recently started and you can also go here for the classic design of the Morris brand.


A little jeu in the house is always nice. Verfhandel van Laar makes it easy for you with the sale of a number of stunning decorative frames. For this they work together with the renowned frame maker Orac. The frames can be used as a ceiling or wall decoration, but also for your mirrors or paintings! Fun fact: all frames are made of plastic, which makes it perfect for catering establishments.


Previously, all the different fabrics passed by, which you can use to make pillows. Maarrr…. Verfhandel van Laar also makes pillows themselves! They use fine padding in different sizes, which you can test in the store. With all the choice of fabrics, a beautiful cover is of course also easy!

Advice at home

Not to be found in the store itself, but you can visit us: advice at home. Can’t figure it out in the store? Or do you want to get tailor-made advice before you go shopping? This can be arranged at Verfhandel van Laar! The experienced employees will visit you to look together at the best options for your home or business.


You would almost forget, but at Verfhandel van Laar you can of course also go for all your favorite paint articles! Think of the well-known brushes, paint trays and paint rollers, not to mention the many beautiful, homemade colors. At Verfhandel van Laar you can be sure that the quality is good. Do you want more information? Then visit the website or visit the branch in Leidschendam.



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