Of course you want to take the best possible care of your pet. What if your picky cat suddenly doesn’t like his kibble anymore? Or if your dog does not react well to his kibble? Sanne de Regt, recipe developer at CaroCroc, answers the five most frequently asked questions about feeding your dog or cat.

My dog ​​gobbles up his food. How can I prevent this?

If your dog is a goblin, you will probably recognize it: you put his bowl of food down and in front of your ‘dog food’ you can say his bin is empty. Sanne explains: “That is bad for the digestive system. Fortunately, there are things you can do about this. You can prevent your dog from eating too quickly with an anti-scratch bowl, sniffing mat or intelligence game. Because of this, he has to make an effort to get his food, so that he does not eat too quickly. Good to know: this is also a fun way to eat for cats.” You can easily make a sniffing mat yourself. View the DIY of CaroCroc here.

  • My cat is picky: it seems impossible to find food that he likes. What can I do?

    Cats are often picky, so you may just have one at home. Sanne knows what to do: “Cats often have a preference for a certain taste and sometimes for the shape of a kibble. This is a matter of trial and error: buy different types of kibble and offer them. In this way you will eventually come across a type of food that your cat does like. It is also possible that he suddenly no longer wants a certain type of food. Then you apply the same strategy: serve your pet a few species one at a time, and after a while you find out which one he does want.”

    CaroCroc has three flavors and shapes worth trying cat food for adult cats:

  • I have a puppy and need to switch to food for adults. The nutritional values ​​of this food are lower. How is this possible?

    Sanne explains: “The energy needs of puppies are different than for adult dogs. Puppy food contains more proteins and fats, because they are still developing. An adult dog no longer needs to grow and therefore needs less energy. The nutritional values ​​of the chunks are adjusted to that.”

    Photo: CaroCroc

  • My dog ​​is windy and often has loose stools. What can I do?

    “Low stools can have various causes”, says Sanne. “One of the causes can be a hypersensitivity to a certain protein source in the feed. My tip: choose food with one animal protein source. Then the chance of a sensitive reaction is lower. We also call this hypoallergenic food. It may also help to choose a food with a different type of protein source than that used in most feed types, for example lamb in the CaroCroc Superior chunks.

    You may also dog has complaints because he is sensitive to grains. CaroCroc has grain-free dog food with potato; this could make all the difference.

    Disclaimer: does your dog suffer from (serious) health problems? Then go to the vet.

  • My dog ​​has red skin and scratches a lot. What can I do?

    Another type of food can also help with red skin and a lot of scratching. Sanne says: “Try food that is specifically aimed at skin and coat improvement, such as the CaroCroc Skin Support. This food contains salmon oil, which makes your dog’s coat shine again!”

    Disclaimer: does your dog suffer from (serious) health problems? Then go to the vet.

    Are you curious which kibble suits your dog or cat best? Then do the CaroCroc kibble selector. You’ll know more in minutes!

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