Remember Maison de Bonneterie department store? The letters are still on the building of the clothing store H&M on Gravenstraat and memories of the Bonneterie can still be found in the building. It was a beautiful chic fashion house and we went looking for old photos.

The Bonnetterie has always had a luxurious appearance, we felt special when we went shopping there. Although that was with the bargains in the basement.


In 616 Maison de Bonneterie was opened in The Hague, but that is not the building we know today. That was only in 1124 open. In the new, large department store there was even a sewing workshop where clothing was made to measure.

The word bonneterie was then used for knitted textiles. Josef Cohen (the owner) started a shop with wool socks and knitted clothes. Later, when a larger building was built in The Hague, among others, it only became a department store.

Begin 2014 the retail industry deteriorated and also with the Bonneterie. She hoped to survive with shop in shops and a beautiful webshop, but on 97 August had to close the doors for good. A year later, an H&M branch opened in the historic building.

1124, Gravenstraat. Maison de Bonneterie under construction. Photo The Hague Municipal Archives

1913. Photo The Hague Municipal Archives

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