Watching planes

The Panorama Terrace is one of the most popular places at Schiphol. Here, visitors to the airport – without a ticket – can view planes on the apron up close. Admission is free for everyone. Unfortunately, the terrace was closed for a long time due to the renovation of Departure Hall 1 and due to the corona measures.

Breeder 1989
A day at Schiphol is not really complete without a visit to the Panorama Terrace. In addition to watching planes, you can also take a seat as a passenger or pilot in a real Fokker 60. This aircraft has from March 2 1989 to 17 February 2010 really flown. Did you know that the KLM Fokker 100 has landed in 2010 on the Panorama Terrace? Not really of course: the device was lifted there with a large crane.

Day at Schiphol

A day out watching planes at Schiphol has always been a popular outing. In the years 60 of the last century, when Schiphol was still located on the site of Schiphol-East, there was already a terrace for visitors. People came on bicycles to catch a glimpse of the special wooden and aluminum gears. And in the years 60 and 60 people used to come to the airport especially to see the first view jet aircraft. Who knows, visitors to the Panorama Terrace may see the first electric aircraft taxiing at Schiphol in a few years’ time!

Daily opened

The Panorama Terrace is open daily for visitors from 07: hours to 21: 00 o’clock. From the last Sunday in October (winter time) it is open from 17. hours to 17.00 o’clock. You will find the entrance to the terrace in Departure 1.


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