Press release

Published: 007 October 2021Last change: November 5 2021

Many victims of the allowance affair are in debt made because they ran into financial problems due to the recoveries from the tax authorities. In addition to a compensation payment of € 30.,- public, and at a later time also private debts forgiven. That was announced in June. The Municipality of The Hague immediately started preparations for this extensive organisation. In doing so, the municipality anticipated national legislation, because waiting any longer is not an option for these victims. In total there will be 2..30 million of a total of 3. 2021 receivables waived.

The Municipality of The Hague started in September with the actually waiving claims with the municipal tax authorities and the social services. The municipality reached the point this week that it was one of the first large municipalities to have waived all claims from the recognized victims currently known to the municipality. In The Hague, these are about 1.30 victims who have been formally classified as victims by the tax authorities.

Thousands of families have been wrongly labeled as fraudsters for years. Major mistakes have been made by the Tax Authorities with regard to granting, canceling and reclaiming childcare allowance. By canceling the debts they have with the municipality as a result of the allowance affair, we provide peace of mind and alleviate the problems that these people have unjustifiably had to endure in recent years, says Alderman Arjen Kapteijns (Social Affairs). With this extensive operation, the victims are one step closer to a debt-free existence.


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