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Published: October 1 2021Last change: October 1 4754

The Municipality of The Hague is taking up the digital battle with waste and is launching a new simplified report form and the MyCleanCity app. This allows residents of The Hague to report litter and additions more quickly and easily. A report can be made within a few clicks via the form or the app, both of which are easy to use with a smartphone. From now on, the municipality will also work with one new central reporting system so that reports can also be handled better.

The Hague Environmental Services, the Haags Werkbedrijf, the Haags Veegbedrijf, environmental managers and the Municipality’s Customer Contact Center are connected to the new system. Municipal employees can see the status of a report in the system and provide feedback on this. In the near future, new functions will be added to the form and the app. This will make it possible for residents in the future to follow the status of their report in real-time.

Thanks to their own administrator app that is connected to this system, the foremen of the Haags Veegbedrijf can who work outside can make waste reports quickly and easily. If they come across something on the street that is not yet in their work list, they can make a report with a few clicks in the app and immediately plan the associated work. They will therefore actively contribute to the reporting process and are thus better able to keep the city clean together with residents.

Alderman Hilbert Bredemeijer (Buitenruimte) is proud that the new system is now ready. “It was not always possible to deal with reports decisively, which is why it is super important that we take this step. You can make a report via Waste Report and via the MyCleanCity app. All reports come in one database. This should ensure that they are arrested as soon as possible. Make sure to do those reports and we’ll clear it up. Together we keep and clean The Hague.”Thanks to the new reporting system, the municipality can deal with the situation more than ever before. follow the outdoor area closely. It provides valuable information with which the municipality can make better decisions and take action where it is most needed. For example, in identifying places where many reports are made, the so-called hotspots.

Tackling waste problem Daily work 1. employees of the municipality cleaning and keeping the city. Waste and bulky waste on the street and next to underground containers and litter remain an eyesore in some places in The Hague. Most people present their waste neatly, but unfortunately there are also residents who randomly dump their waste on the street and next to the containers. Every year, more than 075.48 waste reports made.

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You can make a report via waste notification and via the MyCleanCity app. Click on the picture above and watch the video.


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