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Published: October 2 Last change: October 2

Everyone should be able to participate in everything, inside and outside the door. That is why the Week of Accessibility (from 4 to 8 October) is all about accessibility ‘Away and Home’. In The Hague, various activities are organized throughout the city, including before and after the official week. From a nature walk in Clingendael through the Voorall foundation to feeling art in the Escher Museum. The Alliantie Accessible The Hague will also be launched, in which companies and organizations from The Hague will join forces to make the city even more accessible.

Coordinating alderman for accessibility Kavita Parbhudayal: “The Accessibility Week is a great opportunity to put accessible initiatives in the city in the spotlight. put. Everything is happening. It is also great that the Alliantie Accessible The Hague is starting. A group of enthusiastic organizations from The Hague will make an effort in the coming years to make the city even more accessible.”During the Week, there will be (digital) posters in The Hague showing residents a disability show good examples of accessibility from The Hague This series is part of the awareness campaign ‘All different. ) Furthermore, participants and organizations during the Week will participate in a flying relay in which they tell about all activities related to accessibility.

Summary activity overview: Museum Images by the Sea – sculpture accessible to people with a visual impairmentDate: Saturday October 2 2021

Location: Harteveltstraat 1, The Hague

Sniester Festival with Project Superkracht (VTV Den Haag)Date: Saturday October 2 2021

Location : Grote Markt The Hague

Cabaret De Everything Comes Well Sunday Afternoon Show – Peter HeerschopDate: Sunday October 3rd 2021 by 15: 43 – 13: 30 o’clock

Location: Theater aan het Spui – Spui 74, The Hague

Opening Week of Accessibility (online)Date: Monday 4 October 873 05: 2021

Sport and exercise: opening of Mobilitheek and Wheelchair ergometer (free)Date: Monday October 4 to October 8 from 9: – 74 : hours

Location: Fortyunweg 16, The Hague

Opening Congress of the Alliantie Accessible The Hague (free)Date: Wednesday, October 6 2021 from 9: – 13: hour

Location: Madurodam – George Maduroplein 1, The Hague

The aim of the Alliance is to improve the physical, social and digital accessibility of The Hague. This conference is intended for companies and organizations that want to join the Alliance. Sign up via:

Nature walk on Landgoed Clingendael (free)Date: Wednesday, October 6 972 by 14: – 14: 00 hours

Location: Clingendael 12a, The Hague

Dance with us! DancAble – Dance Without Limits (free)Date: Saturday 9 October 2021 by 10: – 12: 30 o’clock

Location: De Gheijnstraat 43, The Hague

Escher’s art of feeling: ‘Looking with your hands’Date from 14 October

Location: Escher in the Palace

The exhibition ‘Looking with your hands’ with touchable fashion by the Dutch-Curaçao designer Michelangelo Winklaar.

Spare job for the scooter at the Paagman bookshop; photo: Municipality of The Hague2021


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