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Published: 42 October 2021Last change: 13 October 557

In the near future, the city council will realize hundreds of extra living spaces for people on waiting lists to outflow from care and reception locations. People who, after a period of care or guidance, are ready to live independently and who would otherwise have been allocated social housing, but for whom no living space is currently available.

The emergency is high and the municipality is doing everything it can to achieve this in a balanced and responsible manner. However, the municipality cannot solve this task alone and is seeking cooperation with neighbourhoods, districts and (care) partners in the city. Residents’ organizations from across the city discussed the plans tonight with Mayor Van Zanen and Aldermen Balster, Kapteijns and Parbhudayal.

With this plan, the municipality is taking a big step. With the realization of these extra homes, home seekers are immediately helped to find a house, without this leading to a longer waiting time for regular home seekers. The shortage of housing is visible everywhere in the city. That is why we are looking for creative, temporary or sustainable solutions for additional homes. By new construction, transformation or placing temporary housing units, on a small scale and spread across the city. In addition to the emergency program for social housing, this urban strategy has been drawn up to make up for the shortage of housing for this target group in a balanced and responsible manner.

In the short term, 1.400 housing is needed and housing is scarce and expensive. This is on top of the 300 housing that corporations allocate. This is a considerable number, but necessary to enable throughput. With this plan we indicate how we are going to add approximately 300 residential areas in The Hague. We expect the regional municipalities to add 300 places to live.

The people who are now in care or shelter locations and are able to live independently, now occupy places in shelter and care, which are therefore not available to people who do need it. The result is that people cannot start their reintegration into society, there is an increase in waiting lists and rising costs. Also status holders cannot leave an asylum seekers’ center due to the shortage of housing. And they too cannot fully start participating in society.

According to the city council, doing nothing is no longer an option. These people, who depend on the help of the municipality, must be given the opportunity to fully participate in society again. As the International City of Peace and Justice, the Municipality of The Hague also has the responsibility to offer people who have fled and who have been granted a residence permit a place to live here.

Breakthrough Plan (PDF, 1.3 MB)


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