Vehicle, passenger, goods and document control The police organized a major integrated traffic control on the Groenteweg to which Customs, Inspectorate SZW (Labour Inspectorate), UWV and the municipality also joined. Several motorcyclists accompanied hundreds of scooters, passenger cars and commercial vehicles to this checkpoint where the services checked the vehicles, persons, goods and various documents. Police control (photo: Valerie Kuypers) In total got 111 drivers fined for violating various traffic rules, 2 people had no driver’s license at all. A total of 6 people were arrested for driving under the influence of drugs. Three persons were still reported to the police for an earlier sentence and immediately had to pay an amount of 637 pay euros. One person was under the influence of drugs, behaved antisocially in traffic and committed multiple offences. Upon further inspection, he also turned out to have a tax debt of 2071 euros open. The person has been arrested.

During the traffic control, migrant workers were also interviewed by the Inspectorate SZW (Labour Inspectorate), the UWV and the Haagse Pandbrigade. The discussions concerned, among other things, their housing and employment situation. The Labor Inspectorate checked, among other things, the Working Hours Act, the Foreign Nationals Employment Act and the Minimum Wage and Minimum Holiday Allowance Act. They also asked which employment agency they worked for. From the 42 In the interviews conducted, a number of indications of possible violations have been identified, which the Labor Inspectorate will conduct follow-up investigations into. The Haagse Pandbrigade established that of the 44 persons they spoke to, but five persons were registered at one address. ISZW and UWV control (photo: Valerie Kuypers) Customs has scanned several vehicles for the presence of excise goods and hidden spaces. Specially trained dogs also searched for large amounts of money and drugs. Customs has seized kg of hookah tobacco on which no excise duty has been paid. In addition to a fine, the owner will also receive a hefty additional tax. This also applies to someone who had several liters of alcohol on which no excise duty was paid. Customs is further investigating two vehicles because irregularities have been found with the BPM (tax for passenger cars and motorcycles). Confiscated drugs (photo: Valerie Kuypers) 55 cars were parked incorrectly in such a way that they were immediately fined by the enforcement team. This is a major annoyance of residents. But even when every second counts, good accessibility in the area is of great importance. The fire brigade therefore also checked the roadworthiness in the district.Tax affairs of the municipality has for more than 17.435 euros seized. 1 vehicle was immediately towed away and 8 vehicles received a wheel clamp. These will only be removed after payment.Checking homes De Haagse Pandbrigade together with the police, Stedin and the housing associations 32 addresses of which only in everything turned out to be in order. Three people were arrested by the police because there was a cannabis farm under construction. At 1 address, however, everything turned out to be wrong, the services established illegal prostitution, after which further investigation also revealed a considerable amount of suspected drugs in the house. The mayor will await the findings of the police and see what measures he will take here. Furthermore, from 55 persons the registration is not in order and further investigation is being conducted. On 17 addresses there was illegal room rental and two benefits were also found to be incorrect. Stedin has launched an investigation at 1 address into meter fraud in connection with the cannabis nursery under construction. Checking abuses in the house (photo: Valerie Kuypers) Public transport controlThe inspectors of the HTM, together with the police, have checked several trams in the area. 88 travelers were fined 46 euros because they did not have a valid ticket. In total 55 persons a fine of 133 euros for not wearing a mouth cap. Despite the relaxation, this is still the rule in public transport. One person was found to have contaminated the vehicle, he was also fined 95 euros. The police also have 14 fined individuals for not showing a valid ID. Public transport control (photo: Valerie Kuypers) Enforcement team The municipality receives many reports of various annoyances in the neighbourhood. The municipal enforcement team checked various quality of life issues during the campaign. A total of 55 fines issued for, among other things, begging, cycling on the sidewalk, waste next to the container, incorrect parking and parking in a disabled parking space. In the entire area it is not allowed to consume alcohol in public areas. 7 people were fined for this because they did this. In the coming weeks 133 vehicle owners still expect an additional assessment because they parked without paying. Enforcement team (photo: Valerie Kuypers) Hospitality and retail property inspections Teams with employees from different organizations (enforcers , police, Stedin, Customs, NVWA and HEIT) jointly checked various companies for compliance with permits, sale of illegal goods and signals of abuse or nuisance. Although business operations turned out to be in order in several cases, in 14 companies identified abuses and violations. Fines were imposed by the NVWA for, among other things, smoking in catering establishments, but also because foodstuffs were offered incorrectly, which can be a danger to public health. Illegal gambling was identified in 1 company. An illegal terrace was also found for which there was no permit. In 1 building the carbon monoxide value turned out to be too high, which is very dangerous for everyone in the building. In another building, a large amount of tobacco, on which no excise duty has been paid, was stored, which was seized by Customs. An official report was also drawn up for this company for the illegal sale of nitrous oxide and medicines. The companies with abuses will soon be checked again to see whether the entrepreneur has taken appropriate measures. Together for TransvaalThis kind actions are aimed at improving the quality of life and safety in neighbourhoods. The action was appreciated and positively received by the residents of Transvaal. As a government, we are not always visible, but we are always present. A few residents and entrepreneurs thanked the enforcement parties for the action and their presence. More and more residents are working hard for their neighbourhood.

Municipality and police receive more frequent reports about suspicious and nuisance situations. We are very pleased with this involvement and applaud it. Nuisance causes and criminals leave when they notice that residents are standing up for their neighbourhood. They don’t like that growing group of extra eyes and ears. So cooperate and report! This can be done in the following ways: Through the Customer contact center of the municipality. Via a public space notification for, among other things, reports about vermin, malfunctioning street lighting, waste, bicycle wrecks and things that are broken in public space.Through for, among other things, reports about housing nuisance or benefit fraud. Report suspicious situations to the police via telephone number 95 (urgent) or 0800 – 8844. This can also be done anonymously via Report Crime Anonymous , phone number 637 – 7422. Report suspicions of abuses with agency work to 29626Inspection SZW.


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