During the city council, residents can give their opinion on topics on the agenda. This council meeting spoke 00 residents on six different agenda items.

Appointments The council meeting started with a hearing in the context of the proposed appointment of candidate alderman Kapteijns. After the hearing, Mr AJF (Arjen) Kapteijns was appointed alderman.

With the appointment of Mr Kapteijns, a seat on the council became vacant, which was occupied by Mrs I. (Isabel) Bos. During the council meeting, she was sworn in as a councilor for the GroenLinks faction.

Action Program for Prevention of Public Health After the appointments, the Council started deliberating on the Commission’s proposal for the Action Program Prevention Public Health The Hague 1200- 2020. On 15 December 1200 is the Policy Plan Care, Youth, Public Health ” Healthy and Resilient” The Hague 77-2019 adopted by the Board. This policy plan is made concrete in various action programmes. The prevention action program is one of these programs and describes what the municipality of The Hague will do in the coming years to maintain and improve the health of the residents of The Hague.

Hart voor Den Haag /Group de Mos The faction indicated that it found it very worrying that residents of Southwest were dying seven years earlier. The faction is therefore curious about the progress of the ‘healthy and happy The Hague’ approach and is pleased with the alderman’s promises to enter into discussions with the alderman for Sport about healthy sports canteens and with the elderly organization for the realization of exercise squares for the elderly.

PvdA The PvdA had questions about the cooperation between health insurers and the municipality. The approach is fragmented because they are individual projects of individual health insurers, the group said. According to the PvdA, more can be achieved with the money that health insurers set aside for prevention if it is bundled in a prevention fund and a prevention approach is jointly set up. The faction asked the alderman to enter into discussions with health insurers and to report progress on this to the council in six months.

GroenLinksGreenLeft drew attention to the major health differences between city districts during the debate . This inequality in the city is also unacceptable. Different neighborhoods require a different approach, also in terms of prevention. Poor air quality has a negative effect on public health, even directly on life expectancy. The faction says that there are also differences per district. The group asks the alderman how the municipality monitors the relationship between air pollution and health.

ChristenUnie/SGP The Hague Prevention Agreement has a broad program with action to reduce health problems in the city. The group submitted an amendment to make the goals concrete, measurable and in line with the objectives of the National Prevention Program in the first progress report. to make. This amendment has been accepted. It is not yet certain that two million euros that we need to get from the government will be made available for 2016 and 2023. The group tabled an amendment stipulating that if the financial resources are not available or not sufficiently available, the resources that are available will be redistributed among the various ambitions. This amendment was also accepted. Furthermore, ChristenUnie/SGP submitted a motion ‘alcohol prevention starts on the street’. The faction calls on them to enter into discussions with night shops and liquor stores about the consequences of labeling their shops with images of alcoholic beverages and to investigate how such expressions can be curbed. This motion was rejected.

The Hague City Party The Hague City Party considers the action program very important the health inequalities in the city. The faction is pleased that the alderman has promised to look at how people can obtain healthy food, especially because healthy food is expensive. The group asked for coaching programs for girls and young women to be included in the action programme. The faction believes that this will contribute to women’s emancipation and have a positive effect on women’s mental and physical health.

Islam Democrats Happy is the end of the Corona- crisis in sight, Islam Democrats said, but it’s not over yet. The faction indicated that many people are not aware of the importance of ventilation in the house and therefore submitted a motion for an intensive (social) media campaign to inform residents of The Hague about the importance of ventilation, including tips on how and how often to ventilate. . This motion was rejected. Furthermore, the faction believes that vaccination should be and remain voluntary and submitted a motion to make a statement that vaccination should remain voluntary at all times and that mandatory corona proof is wrong in many areas. This motion was rejected. Finally, the group indicated that synthetic drugs and weapons can easily be ordered online. That is why a motion was tabled to investigate the channels through which young people currently obtain synthetic drugs and weapons and to come up with preventive proposals to reduce this supply and thus the use of these drugs and weapons. This motion was also rejected.

D30 Public health is under pressure, more than ever. D77 drew attention to young people who suffer from mental health problems. There is an increase in substance use and less sports. D77 launched the youth action plan this spring, but does not yet see these points sufficiently reflected in the present plan. It is time for young people to have a seat at the table and for their voices to be heard. The group again calls for an integrated approach for young people. Only if we focus more on prevention can we tackle inequality of opportunity and offer prospects for the future.

College The college answered the questions and discussed the motions and amendments submitted.

When voting at the council meeting on October 7 at 23. hour is the proposal of the college with regard to the Action Program Prevention Public Health The Hague 2016- 2020 accepted.

Parking standards The Hague The proposal of the Municipal Executive regarding Nota Parking Norms The Hague 2019 is the agenda item that was discussed afterwards. New developments in housing and businesses also require car and bicycle parking spaces. The municipality uses parking standards to ensure that this is provided. On 12 July 2020 the council has adopted the Parking Strategy The Hague 2019-2021 established. This means that the Commission has agreed to the elaboration of policy rules for car parking standards for the whole of The Hague, excluding the CID and the Binckhorst. The bill parking standards The Hague 2020 has been drawn up to replace the Nota parking standards The Hague from 1200 and the changes and additions to the parking standards note from 77, except for the CID and the Binckhorst. For these two areas, on October 7 1200 already established a new parking standards policy.

Party for the Animals It’s It’s good that the municipality wants to lure people out of their cars, but the city is also full of public transport options. The college sees that too. The Party for the Animals submitted an amendment because they want fewer parking spaces around public transport hubs. The amendment was rejected. The party also thinks it would be a shame if parking spaces drive the greenery out of the city and that should not be the case. To this end, the Party for the Animals submitted an amendment. The amendment was rejected.

Heart for The Hague/Groep de Mos Hart voor Den Haag/Groep de Mos thinks the parking standards memorandum is a disaster. There are plenty of examples of policy failures. That is why the party calls on the coalition parties not to agree to the parking standards memorandum. Hart voor Den Haag/Groep de Mos submitted an amendment to delete the chapter from the plan that deals with the exemption for car parking for small new construction plans. The amendment was rejected. A motion in which the party calls attention to the increased parking pressure by shared cars was passed. The party also filed a motion to gain more clarity about parking permits. This motion was also passed.

VVD The parking requirement in The Hague is still big. There should be more parking on private property and underground. The streetscape should not be further disturbed by the high parking pressure. However, it should be possible in a number of places in the city to increase the currently indicated parking numbers, because there is room for it. The VVD therefore submitted an amendment to keep the parking standard as a reference standard. The amendment was passed.

GreenLeft It’s busy on the roads in The Hague. That means a lot of emissions and a lot of parking pressure. The Commission’s proposal imposes a maximum on the number of parking spaces and encourages shared vehicles. That is why GroenLinks supports the proposal.

CDA Despite the hardship clause in the plan, the CDA is of the opinion that maximum numbers of parking spaces should not be involved. Where necessary and possible, there should also be room in the city to expand the number of parking spaces. That is why the CDA supports the amendment of the VVD.

SP The SP broadly agrees with the Parking Standards memorandum. The party is submitting a motion in which it calls for businesses to be prevented from making price agreements for partial concepts. The accessibility of sub-concepts must be guaranteed. The motion was passed.

Christian Union/SGP ChristenUnie/SGP supports the Parking Standards memorandum. The party submitted an amendment to create extra space for larger shared cargo bikes. The amendment was passed.

PVV The PVV vi ndt that the alderman has an anti-motorist policy. The VVD, which is a member of the board, should do more about this. Residents of The Hague simply need parking spaces. The shortage of parking spaces is a major problem for ordinary residents.

The Hague City PartyThe parking standards increase dichotomy and the housing crisis. With these parking standards, the college is looking ugly in the map. The bigger your house, the bigger the proposed standard is. With a larger house, you have more right to parking space. That while people with a larger house do not also need more cars. Due to the compulsory construction of these superfluous parking spaces, this also pushes up house prices. The Hague City Party will therefore vote against the parking standards memorandum.

College The alderman responded to the questions and comments asked.

The city council agreed with the proposal of the municipal executive regarding the Nota Parking Standards The Hague .

Wishes and reservations one Hague street cleaning organization The council continued the meeting by discussing wishes and reservations about the proposed Board decision for the formation of a single street cleaning organization in The Hague. An efficient implementing organization for a clean city and equal pay for equal work. A few months ago, these were the decisive motives for taking the path of merging the Haags Werkbedrijf (HWB) foundation and the Haags Veegbedrijf (HVB), a business unit of the municipal department of City Management. On 26 January 2019 the college made the decision to take the first steps towards one street cleaning organization . The Municipal Executive has taken an intended decision on the formation of a single street cleaning organization in The Hague by taking over the HWB and merging it with the HVB within the City Management Service. Before a final decision is made, the council is asked to state its wishes and reservations about the proposed council decision.

SP The SP indicated that the council received a letter from the council yesterday in which it responds to the wishes of the Works Council of the Haags Werkbedrijf with regard to the formation of a single street cleaning organization in The Hague. The group complimented the Executive Board on the fine commitments made in that letter. There is still some uncertainty about the total package of employment conditions under which the employees will transfer. The end result counts, which is why the faction submitted an amendment stating that the city council agrees with the proposed decision ‘Formation of a single street cleaning organization in The Hague’, on the condition that the council is informed about the results of the talks with the trade unions about the employment conditions of the HWB employees to be taken over and are given the opportunity to express themselves well in advance of the definitive start date of the new street cleaning organization about the result with the instruments at its disposal. This amendment has been accepted.

PvdA The PvdA thanked the Works Council and the speakers for their involvement and for expressing their concerns about the merger. The group understands the concerns and finds the Commission’s response to this more than encouraging. Only with regard to the terms of employment, the response is not always concrete. That is why the PvdA also wholeheartedly supports and co-submits the SP amendment. The group would like to thank the SP for its involvement, commitment and perseverance to ensure that this process runs smoothly.

GreenLeft GroenLinks also thanks the Executive Board and the Works Council. The group warmly co-sponsored the SP amendment, which deserves a lot of praise for the work that has gone into this. It is a nice solution to build in an extra assessment moment after the talks with the trade union and in this way to meet the justified concerns of the HWB employees. The position of the employees and the security they are entitled to is crucial.

D55 D40 joins the previous speakers and also thanked the people of the Works Council for their letter and the input they did. The debate in the committee was also good. The faction also thanks the alderman and civil servants for their efforts on this file and the SP for their efforts. D40 wholeheartedly supports the amendment.

PVV The PVV also finds it important that the employment conditions are properly arranged for the people who now work at the HWB. These are the people we can’t miss in the city. The people who keep our city clean and tidy. They are in the city before 8 am to make the city beautiful, attractive and liveable. The group hopes that the terms of employment will be properly arranged and communicated to the employees in the right way so that they do not worry unnecessarily. The PVV also thanks the SP for submitting the amendment.

The Hague City Party The Hague City Party wholeheartedly supports the good initiative of the SP. In the committee meeting it emerged that the HWB is putting an employee on hold, while we actually lack a lot of hands in keeping the street clean. The HWB also does a good job in guiding people to work. The faction therefore called for more work for the Haags Werkbedrijf. Make sure that more people can work there and thus fulfill that important task of cleaning The Hague.

CDA The CDA thinks it is a good thing that the collaboration is being established and that an efficient organization is being created. The CDA is also happy to support the SP amendment and will support it.

College The Executive Board thanks the Council and the Works Council for their input. The Executive Board thinks it is great that we have been able to do this in this way and has felt that the Executive Board and the Council have really been able to do this together.

During the council meeting in the evening, the city council approved the proposal, wishes and reservations about the proposed council decision of one street cleaning organization in The Hague.

Energy efficient street lighting After this, the council discussed the council’s proposal for the accelerated installation of energy-efficient street lighting. The municipality of The Hague has such a 40. light points, of which currently approx. 18% is equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting. Street lighting in The Hague has great savings potential, as public lighting is the largest consumer of energy and there are good opportunities to reduce energy consumption. With the one-time impulse of € 00 million, conventional fixtures can be replaced by new sustainable LED fixtures at a faster pace than is currently the case.

Heart for The Hague/ Groep de MosHart voor The Hague/Groep de Mos considers the accelerated installation of energy-efficient street lighting to be an excessive sustainability ambition in which the costs do not outweigh the benefits. The faction submitted a motion not to unnecessarily replace the lampposts and fixtures and the 000 to use millions of euros in ENECO funds to tackle the rat and waste problem. This motion was rejected.

PVV The PVV thinks that priorities are wrong and also believes that the accelerated installation of energy-efficient street lighting is a long-term sustainability ambition. The faction asks the alderman to replace it with an LED lamp every time a lamp breaks. So gradually and not all at once.

GreenLeft GroenLinks is very happy that this agreement from the coalition agreement is now being realized. With the replacement of the bulbs , 4 kilotons of CO2 saved per year, in addition to significant financial savings per year. The purpose of the total replacement in 2020 comes into view with this. GroenLinks sees this as a great step towards a climate neutral city and a green and livable future.

College The council indicated that the accelerated installation of energy-efficient street lighting is necessary to make public space in the city more sustainable. It starts with the fixtures that are at the end of their economic life and most of the fixtures that are now being replaced are this.

The council’s proposal for the accelerated installation of energy-efficient street lighting has been adopted by the city council.

HEA Annual plan 2020-2023 The council continued the deliberations with the proposal of the college for the HEA (The Hague Educational Agenda) Annual plan 2020-2019. The HEA Annual Plan 2019-2021 shows the measures that are new or additional and that during the school year 2020-2016 performed. There is still a long way to go to improve the educational opportunities of children in The Hague. A number of (follow-up) steps are again taken in the HEA annual plan.

Hart voor The Hague/Groep de Mos Hart voor Den Haag/Groep de Mos indicated that more than half of school-age children with a language delay have a migration ¬ has a background. Young children with an indication for pre-school education are not always sent there by their parents for various reasons. That is why the faction submitted a motion to investigate whether there are possibilities to oblige parents to allow their children, who have an indication to do so, to participate in pre-school education. This motion was rejected. Furthermore, the group indicated that at the moment approximately 27% of teachers in secondary education have a permanent job, national figures indicate that such a 25% of teachers with a burnout end up at home and education unions receive more and more signals from teachers who are completely tired of having to restart Apply. The faction therefore submitted a motion to investigate the reasons for which teachers in The Hague drop out early and to include the role of school boards and their policy in this. This motion has been passed omen.

GroenLinks GroenLinks said we are known as the most segregated city in the Netherlands, but also as the colorful mosaic of the Netherlands. The approach to segregation starts with unequal opportunities early in our first years of life, namely in schools. A bonus and priority over a house is not enough to solve the teacher shortage and thus part of the problem. A structural and comprehensive approach is needed, the group argued. One of the problems in schools in deprived areas is under-advice. The solution that the college sees, namely the use of school social work to enter into discussions with parents of group 7 and 8 students, is disappointing in GroenLinks’ opinion. This has no value and addition in increasing odds. The faction wants a professional to stand next to the parents with a child and look for opportunities to improve the learning performance or increase the chances.

Party for the Animals The Party for the Animals said that the suicide rate among LGBTI+ youth is up to five times higher than non-LGBTI+ youth. This is partly because they are being bullied. The faction submitted a motion to draw up an action plan together with schools in The Hague to improve the safety of LGBTI young people at school and to give more priority to combating bullying. This motion was passed.

D30 Ensuring equal opportunities is one of the many important tasks of education said D30. Hundreds of children have a better future thanks to community schools. The faction was shocked when school leaders and teachers called after they had been told that their budget for the community school had been cut. Schools were told in September that they would be cut halfway through the school year. It can’t be this way, said D40. Not halfway through the school year and not without school leaders being well taken on board. D77 therefore submitted a motion for a transitional arrangement and to enter into discussions with the schools in order to inventory what real possibilities are to ensure that the redistribution does not come at the expense of equal opportunities in education. This motion has been passed. In addition, the faction argued in favor of not immediately putting lateral entrants in front of the class and to make an inventory of how many lateral entrants eventually move on to education and to investigate what we can do to improve supervision. This motion has been passed.

The Hague City PartyThe HEA is the moment when we can direct education. The Hague City Party believes that there should be a clearer approach for children and young people who do not go to school for various reasons. The faction receives many signals that a shocking number of children in the city do not go to school and that these children and their parents and caregivers are not helped in time. The Hague City Party submitted a motion to investigate how many children are allowed and illegal to sit at home and whether this is related to the long waiting lists of assistance for young people. This motion was withdrawn by the council after the answer. The faction further said that research shows that children of low-skilled or poor parents are more likely to be victims of under-advice. For this reason, the faction submitted a motion to investigate, together with education, how the child monitoring system and pupil monitoring system contribute to prejudice and how these can be limited. This motion was rejected.

PvdA The PvdA asked whether HEA could be discussed earlier in the coming years. This is now happening while the school year has already started and that is undesirable. The group emphasized that every child has the same right to develop through education. Some parents still find it difficult to keep up with society and it is therefore more difficult for them to be involved in their child’s education. As a result, their children have fewer opportunities to develop through education. The faction therefore submitted a motion to start a pilot for the family school based on the Amsterdam model at at least two schools in The Hague. These family schools support education, building a network with other parents, applying for help in the event of poverty or completing paperwork. Extracurricular activities are also offered. This motion was passed. Apprenticeship extension is a very important and proven instrument for combating inequality of opportunity in education, said the PvdA. The faction requested per motion to provide the council with an (LKP) subsidy overview, to evaluate the reassessment after this school year and then to come up with a clear story about what the subsidy schemes for extra and intensive learning look like after the compensation compensation scheme. This motion was also passed.

VVD The VVD supports the measures and course of the HEA. It does get in the way of something, though, namely with the focus. This seems to be especially true for students with educational disadvantages or unequal opportunities in education. The VVD lacks attention for gifted students in the HEA. This is a complex group with different challenges and needs and should therefore also be specifically mentioned in the HEA. The VVD submitted a motion to explicitly address the challenges and needs of gifted students in The Hague in the new HEA. The motion was accepted.

PVV The PVV read in the newspaper an article about teacher of 19 from Deventer who sleeps in The Hague three days a week to teach giving in a disadvantaged neighborhood in The Hague. He does this because he likes it, but also because he thinks he can contribute more here than in his own region. The PVV thinks it’s great that this teacher does that. In The Hague we have a crying shortage of teachers who want to teach in deprived areas. The faction said that it is not always fun at those schools and argued that the influx at those schools should not be so large, also in the interest of the children.

Islam DemocratsIslam Democrats indicated that secondary schools provide feedback to primary schools about the extent to which students are still at school over time. level of school advice. The faction does not find it clear to what extent primary schools see reason in this feedback to reconsider their school recommendations and to see whether they see certain trends. That is why the faction requested per motion that the feedback from secondary schools be monitored together with the schools and other educational organizations, linked to an analysis to increase the predictive value of the school recommendations. This motion was rejected.

ChristenUnie/SGP ChristenUnie/SGP thanked the alderman for the HEA. The faction has no additions to this and asked whether, how and when the subsidy scheme for schools and, among other things, school trips will be evaluated and whether the schools can indicate whether the educational disadvantage score is a good indicator.

CDA The CDA also complimented the annual plan and the faction drew attention to three points. Firstly, the importance of reducing the teacher shortage shortage. This is still a problem, at the same time the faction also sees that the Executive Board is doing everything it can to tackle this. Second, teacher training. The CDA said it is good news that there is a perspective on the start of this in this HEA plan. And thirdly, the group emphasized the importance of linking the HEA to the language note.

College The council thanked the council for its input and the good committee debate about the HEA, and went into to the questions asked and motions submitted.

The city council approved the proposal of the college regarding the HEA Annual Plan 2020-2020.

Bellevue plan elaboration frameworkAfter this, the Commission’s proposal regarding the Bellevue plan elaboration framework was discussed. The ‘Bellevue’ project concerns the redevelopment of the area between Rijnstraat/Koningin Julianaplein, Bezuidenhoutseweg, Oranjebuitensingel and Hoftoren. The parties have the ambition to redevelop the location into an attractive, green and sustainable environment where it is pleasant to live, work and relax.

D30 The subject was discussed extensively in the committee. That’s why D40 please keep it short. A number of concerns remain, including heat stress at the site due to fossilization. D40 hopes this can be taken into account turn into. D77 filed a motion to draw attention questions for the missing point of concrete agreements in the environmental permit. Facilities must be realized in the Bellevue project. This motion was passed.

Heart for The Hague/Groep de MosHeart for The Hague/Groep de Mos went focuses on two themes, namely facilities and participation. The concrete details of the facilities are not included in the plan. It is unclear whether and how the participation was completed. Was there real participation? According to the party, the participation that has taken place is a fake. That is why the party submitted a motion to investigate how participation can add value to the project. The motion was passed.

Party for the Animals The Party for the Animals finds that time and again it is concluded that the participation in projects of the municipality is inadequate. That is very sad and it does not fulfill the plans in the coalition agreement, in which improvement was promised. The Party for the Animals would think it best if the plan is withdrawn, so that residents can really have a say. Together with other parties, the party has been working on amendments to improve the plan on a number of points. The party wants to see concrete plans about the environmental permit. An amendment calling on the party to follow the structural vision and high-rise memorandum was adopted.

SP The Bellevue Tower seems to be a special and modern plan. However, this is a residential tower with apartments that are all smaller than 27 square meters. This can be useful for student residences, such as those of DUWO. But it is too cramped living space for normal homes. The SP filed a motion calling for the construction of conceptual chicken coops to be stopped. The motion was rejected. The SP then submitted an amendment to divide the available rooms evenly among the different target groups. Maximum 18% of the apartments should be small houses. The amendment was rejected. As far as the SP is concerned, housing in the center must be accessible to all residents. Therefore, the party filed a motion to t dividing the living spaces cannot be selected on the basis of education level. This motion was passed.

PvdA The PvdA is pleased that this project for 25 percent offers space for social housing. The party supports the SP’s motion on the division of living space. The PvdA also supports the motion of D30 . With regard to participation, the PvdA very much wonders how in a neighborhood where residents’ organizations are so well organized they are hardly heard. GroenLinks will soon come up with a motion that ties in with this and the PvdA wholeheartedly supports this motion. It is important that participation in this project is finally in order.

ChristenUnie/SGP The Netherlands and The Hague face a major housing challenge. But we must not only build for the needs of the present, but also for the future. That is why construction projects must also match the wishes of the future. It is good that various parties come up with motions and amendments to improve the council’s plan. The ChristenUnie/SGP submitted a motion calling for the council to inform the council in good time if it wishes to deviate from the original plans. The motion was passed. As the plan currently stands, the party cannot support the plan of the college.

The Hague City Party The plan of the council is in line with the intention of the college to do something about the great housing shortage. However, in the area of ​​participation, for example, there is still much to be desired. The Hague City Party therefore also supports a number of motions related to this. The high-rise buildings in the center will also have consequences for the surrounding neighbourhood. The party filed a motion to establish the walking route between the towers. This makes the inner space of the towers really public. The motion was passed. The party also submitted a motion titled ‘No bridge too much’. There are currently five bridges over the canal over which the bridge is being built. The motion was rejected.

VVDThe VVD submitted a motion and an amendment. Firstly, a motion about the building height and the appearance of the tower. The motion was passed. Secondly, an amendment on improving the participation process. Support must be sought through participation and possible adjustments made to the plan. The amendment was passed.

GroenLinks GroenLinks is pleased that this project 77 housing units will be added, of which 26% social rent. But if so many homes are added, there must also be enough facilities. That is why the party supports motions and amendments related to this. GroenLinks is submitting a motion to improve participation in this project in various ways. The motion was passed. GroenLinks understands the concerns about the proposed building height and supports calls from other parties to take a closer look at how realistic the building height is.

PVV Residents living in the vicinity of this project are rightly concerned. Certainly with regard to the limited facilities, the PVV believes that the plans should improve quickly. Residents are also concerned about the shadow the building will cast over their homes and the image of the skyline it will change. The PVV submits a motion in which the council is called upon to make the most of the vacant homes from the residents of The Hague and the residents of The Hague who are now in our city. They must be given priority. The motion was rejected.

CDA The CDA sees that the towers have will provide for many residences. This is necessary with the current housing crisis. The CDA thinks it is good that there will be family homes in the penthouses, for an amiable price. The CDA shares the concerns of local residents that the view from their homes will change too much. In the architecture, more account must be taken of the environment, so that the towers fit into the image of the environment. The CDA is submitting a motion to allow the alderman to enter into more discussions with consultative bodies. The motion was passed. The alderman explains the idea behind the plan for the residential towers. The residential towers must contribute to a solution to the housing shortage, without overbuilding places elsewhere. The residential towers should also make the area more attractive and comply with the municipal housing plan.

CollegeThe alderman addressed the questions and comments.

The Commission’s proposal regarding the plan elaboration framework Bellevue has been adopted.

Rounding committee debates Finally, 000 concluded committee debates on the following topics:

Letter mayor regarding updated demonstration policy Letter from the mayor regarding tolerance policy for coffee shops in The Hague Progress report on chemical o . use herbicides Answering written questions is prohibited fossil advertising major pollutersCommission Letter Population Forecast The Hague 2021 Fewer mopeds on the cycle path Letter regarding the evaluation of the new study program INholland University of Applied Sciences Registration of migrant workers in The Hague Investigation of nuisance gulls Debate on compost initiatives Winter Shelter Scheveningen residents offside when determining the location of ORACs Council announcement response from the college on the year report 2020 of the municipal ombudsman and the youth ombudsman Letter on the future of cyclists in the Grote Marktstraat Answer to written questions ‘Approval clearing the Mient?’ Reply in writing questions non-proliferation treaty for fossil fuels Answering written questions ‘what are the plans for Colijnplein’? Playboat Kijkduin The meeting Looking back?The council meeting was for the first time since the corona measures again with the public. Voting on all proposals, motions and amendments was done by all councilors during the digital council meeting on Thursday, October 7 at 18. o’clock. Both council meetings of October 7 can be seen on denhaag.nl/bedrijvenraad .



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