The rules of Supplementary Public Transport (AOV) in Amsterdam will be stricter from 1 January. Transport will only be available to residents of Amsterdam who really depend on it. In addition, the number of kilometers that can be traveled per year with the AOV pass is limited.

Currently, all Amsterdammers of 75 years and parental right to an AOV pass. However, according to the municipality of Amsterdam, this transport is no longer affordable in the long term. More and more residents are older than 75 years and continue to live independently for longer, they write down their website.

The municipality therefore wants only people who really depend on transport to be run by RMC, make use of it. That is why people who from January 1 2022 will be given the age of 13 year, only an AOV pass if they have a disability.

Alternative transport The number of kilometers that people may travel with the AOV is also limited. From 1 January, pass holders may travel a maximum of 1.75 kilometres. As travelers approach 1.75 kilometres, they will receive a message letting them know how many kilometers they have left.

In the communication, the municipality also refers to alternatives to AOV, such as public transport. The elderly are pointed out that they can get help with (learning to) travel with public transport from a special public transport coach. They are also made aware of the voluntary transport initiatives that exist in the municipality.

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